Practice Test

 Math 002- Term 042



1)     The domain of the function, in interval notation, is equal to




2)     The range of the function  , in interval notation, is equal to




3)     Which one of the following functions corresponds to the adjacent figure?











4)     If , the  is equal to





5)     If is any nonzero real number, then which on the following if true?



6)     The sum of all solutions of is equal to



7)     The expression    is equal to


8)     If , then  is equal to





9)      If , then   is equal to




10) The length of an arc that subtends a central angle of   in a circle of diameter 12 cm is equal to




11) If a wheel with radius 10 centimeters is rotating at 100 revolutions per minute, then the linear speed of the wheel in centimeters per second is equal to





12) Given the angles  and .Which one of the following is true?


a)       is an acute angle.

b)       is an obtuse angle.

c)        and  are  complementary angles.

d)       and  are  supplementary angles.

e)      Non of the above.  






13) If  and, then  is equal to



14)  The exact value of    is equal to





15)  Two buildings are 40 meters apart. The angle of elevation from the top of the shorter building to the top of the taller building is .If the shorter building is 120 meters high, how high is the taller building?