Practice Exam I Math002


Q1. Given .

a)      Find x-intercept and y-intercept.

b)      Graph f(x).

c)      Find the domain and the range of f.

d)      Find an equation of the asymptote of the graph of f.
















Q2. If , then write in terms of x and y.












Q3. Find the solution set of .











Q4. Solve














Q5. Solve














Q6. a) Find the measure of the complement of the angle .










b) Find the length of an arc that subtends a central angle of in a circle

of radius 10 cm.





Q7. A car with a wheel of radius 13 inches is moving with a speed of 50 mph. Find the angular speed of the wheel in radian per minute.











Q8. Find the exact value of each expression


















Q9. A 8 foot ladder is resting against a wall and makes an angle of with the ground. Find the height to which the ladder will reach on the wall.











Q9. a) Is the function even, odd, or neither?



b) Write in terms of a single trigonometric function.






c) If .









Q10. Given .

a)      Graph f.

b)      Find period and amplitude of the graph of f.

c)      Find the range of f.