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Unit 10


again (adv)

behind (prep)

between (prep)

burnt out (adj)

calculator (n)

car keys (n pl)

coin (n)

desk (n)

desk drawer (n)

documentation (n)

electric drill (n)

file (n)

finish (v)

flat (adj)

get up (v)

glasses (n pl)

gloves (n)

go to bed (v)

here (adv)

hide (v)

in front of (prep)

keyboard (n)

locate (v)

look (v)

lost (v)

meeting (n)

monitor (n)

next to (prep)

office (n)

papers (n pl)

radiator (n)

reading glasses (n pl)

rolls of tape (n)

sandwiches (n)

seal (v)

shelf (n)

start (v)

telephone book (n)

that (det/pron)

there (adv)

these (det/pron)

those (det/pron)

tool box (n)

under (prep)

wallet (n)


Useful phrases


Iím late.

be in a hurry

Whatís the problem?

Whatís the time?

Whatís up?