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Sample Grammar questions:

Type 1:



What words or words best completes the sentence.



   1       “__________ is the library, please?”     “Go straight on. It’s on the left.”


a. Where

b. Who


c. Where’s

d. Were


   2       “What time _________ the meeting start?”      “At 7 o’clock.”


a. do

b. did



c. is

d. has



    3       I __________a burger and French fries, please.


a. like

b. am like



c. would like

d. do like



   4       When the policeman stopped me, _______ showed my driver’s license to him.


a. me

b. my


c. I

d. Mine



Type 2:

Find the mistake


In each of the following sentences there is a mistake.

Decide if the Mistake in the sentence is A, B, C or D.



   1       If you saw Talal, will you ask him to give me a call.


                     A               B                  C              D


         2       The box of bottles were loaded onto the truck and taken to the supermarket to be sold.


                                                A      B                                     C                                    D


Sample Vocabulary Questions

There are two types of vocabulary question.


Type 1  

In each sentence there is a word (or group of words) left out.

Choose the word (or group of words) which best fits into the sentence.

1. _____ transport is not as convenient as going by car.

a. Support    

b. Political    

c. Any     

d. Public


Type 2  

Find the word (or group of words) which most closely matches the meaning

of the underlined word (or group of words).

2.   Talal got a bad mark because he failed to submit his assignment.

a.  didn’t do

b.  didn’t hand in

c.  forgot

d.  was late with

Sample Reading passage(questions have not been put there):

Sample Text


Spirit Rover's 'Pot of Gold' Points to Past Water
PASADENA, CALIF. - Both of NASA's Mars rover vehicles have discovered more signs of past water. At a site about 3.3 kilometres from its landing site, the Spirit rover has found a rare, knobby rock about the size of a softball that contains the mineral hematite. On Earth, the mineral normally forms in the presence of water, but it can also have a volcanic origin. "This rock has the shape as if somebody took a potato and stuck toothpicks in it, then put jelly beans on the end of the toothpicks," said Steve Squyres, the lead scientist for the rover mission… The rover has photographed the rock and measured its mineral contents. NASA scientists, who've dubbed the rock Pot of Gold, hope the data will help them determine if the hematite had a watery origin. NASA plans to have the rover drill into the rock's interior. Spirit will mark six months on the Red Planet at the end of this week.

On the opposite side of Mars, Spirit's twin, Opportunity, is exploring a stadium-sized crater, where it has found more signs of sulphate salts. The salts suggest there was more water than scientists thought. “It looks like there were periods of wetting and drying for the shallow water”, Squyres told a news conference Friday. In March, Opportunity found evidence that Eagle Crater once was soaked in water. Both rovers have surpassed their scheduled three-month mission on Mars.