Research  and Publications


My primary research interest is in the theory of nonselfadjoint operator algebras. I have worked in the structure of nonselfadjoint crossed products and their automorphisms.

Other interests include: Partial Differential equations, Mathematics Education.




1) Automorphisms of some Banach algebras of analytic functions. « Linear Algebra and Applications», vol 298/1-3, Nov 99, pp.87-97. 

2) Weak semicrossed products and a generalisation of a result of Sarason.

 « Linear algebra and applications », vol 318/1-3, Nov 2000, pp.181-193.

3) With J. R. Peters, Semicrossed products generated by two commuting automorphisms. J. Math. Anal. Appl. 285 (2003), 128--140.

4) With N-e Tatar, Blow up for the wave equation with fractional damping. J. Applied Analysis,

vol 11 (2005).

5) Identification and Classification of non-selfadjoint crossed products by, submitted

to J. Math Anal. Applications (2005)