Course Title:                             Radiation Safety in Industrial Radiography


Duration:                                  3 days


Proposed Date and Time I :         22 24 September 2003; Time 08:00 AM 04:30 PM


Proposed Date and Time II:        07 09 June 2004; Time 08:00 AM 04:30 PM


Course Aim:                             To Study Basics of Radiation Protection to work safely in Industrial Radiography


Language:                                 English


Course Description:                  The course is a three-day intensive course. The course will cover Radiation including its Origin, Measurement, Effects, and Control of Dose; Radiation Detection including Survey Instruments, Monitoring Devices, and Survey Procedures; Radiation Sources used in Industrial Radiography including x- and gamma ray sources, their basic working mechanisms, transportation, and storage; and Radiation Accidents and how to prevent them.


Who should attend:                  All radiation workers and Radiation Safety Officers (RSO) working in Industrial Radiography.