Dr. Nouar Amor Tabet 

Professor, Coordinator, Surface Science Research Laboratory

Docteur es Science (PhD)  University of Orsay-Paris-Sud, France, 1988. 

 Office (Bg 6/146):  +966 3 860 2443        Research Lab. (Bg 6/252): +966 3 860 4105         
Fax:  +966 3 860 2293   E-mail: natabet@kfupm.edu.sa


See WEBCT: http://webcourses.kfupm.edu.sa/webct/


Research Interests:  Nanostructured Materials for Solar Energy, Photocatalysis and Gas Sensing Applications;   Photon and Electron Beam Injection based Techniques: SEM /EBIC, CL and PL;   Synchrotron based Spectroscopies:   (PES,XES/XAS)



Seminars, lectures and communications

Solar Cells: Past Achievements and Challenges Ahead, Solar Day, KFUPM, 8 May 2011.

Nanostructured Oxides : Applications to Photocatalysis and Gas Sensing, Invited talk, Int. Conf. Nanotechnology, KACST, Riyad, 29-30Nov 2010 

Nanotechnology Workshop- Invited Talk,  Sultan Qaboos University,Jan. 2008

3. Devices

4.   نظرة نقدية في لتجربة الكورية في تطوير البحث العلمي

المؤتمر الثاني لتخطيط  وتطوير التعليم والبحث العلمي في الدول العربية

17 ـ 20 صفر 1429هـ 24 -27 فبراير 2008م

5. ZnO  Nanostructures  Synthesized in a kitchen Microwave: movie (Technique developed  at the Surface Science Laboratory, KFUPM, May  2006).



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