International Collaboration


1.    Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Berkeley, USA    


The collaboration started in June 1996 and continuing. It grants access to the world’s best synchrotron radiation facility in the soft x-ray regime. We carry out high-resolution XPS and XANES studies using a Beam Line dedicated for photoemission studies.


 1. “XANES Investigation of Vanadium-doped ZnO Thin Films”, M. Faiz, N. Tabet, A. Mekki, B.S. Mun, and Z. Hussain, Thin Solid Films 515 (2006) 1377.

2. “Surface Investigation on Thermal Stability of Tungstophosphoric Acid Supported on MCM-41 Using Synchrotron Radiation” Pasl A. Jalil, N.  Tabet,  M., Faiz,  N.M. Hamdan ,, Z. Hussain.  Applied Catalysis A, 257 (2004)1.

3. “High resolution XPS study of oxide layer grown on germanium substrate” N. Tabet, M. Faiz, N. Hamdan and Z. Hussain,  Surface Science, 523, (2003) 68.



2.   CNRS-France:      The collaboration focused on the synthesis and study of the properties oxide nanopowders.  A solar Furnace was used to synthesize pure and doped ZnO nanopowders which showed a strong photocatalytic properties.   


 “Photoluminescence and photodissociation properties of pure and In2O3 doped ZnO nanophases”  N. Boulares , K. Guergouri ,  R. Zouaghi ,  N. Tabet ,  A . Lusson,  F. Sibieude and  C. Monty,  Physica Stat. Solidi a. 201-10 (2004) 2319).



3.      Wenger (USA):    The collaboration has been going on since 1985. It is focused on specific heat, electrical conductivity, Magnetization and XPS studies of dilute alloys, inorganic complexes, semimagnetic semiconductors, and transition metal oxide glasses.


1. L.E. Wenger, G.W.  Hunter, J.A. Mydosh, and G.D. Khattak, “Anisotropic magnetic field effects in a dilute YGd alloy“, J. Mag. & Magnetic Materials, 54-57, 201, 1986.


2. G.D. Khattak, M.S. Hussain, P.H. Keesom and L.E. Wenger, “Low temperature calorimetric and magnetic studies of copper (II) in 1, 4-diazacycloheptane-copper (II) systeme”, J. Mag. and Magnetic Materials, 75, 407, 1988.

3. M.A. Salim,G.D. Khattak, N. Tabet,  and L.E. Wenger, “X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) of copper-sodium tellurite glasses, J. Electron Spectroscopy and related Phenomena 128 (2003) 75.


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7.A. Mekki, G.D. Khattak and  L.E. Wenger" Structure and magnetic investigations of Fe2O3 – TeO2 glasses J. Non-Crystalline Solids 352 (2006) 3326.




4.      Laboratory of Ceramics, University of Constantine, Algeria: The collaboration includes the study of structural properties   thin Films obtained by reactive Plasma  


1.                  “Effect of tantalum addition on the microstructure and optical properties of TiN thin films”,  Bourbia , S. Achour , N. Tabet ,  M. Parlinska ,  A. Harabi , to be published in Thin Solid Films, 2007.

2.                  Effect of zinc nitride precursor on ZnO thin films nanostructure and optical properties” N Toumiat,  S Achour, A Harabi,  N Tabet,  M Boumaour and M Maallemi, Nanotechnology 17 (2006) 658


5.      Younes (Brazil)                 A. Mekki to fill in.