3 Ways to present an FCI*-like question using the Animator Physlet

Choose a method of presentation.

[No animation] (This "instantaneous" representation most closely matches the original FCI question.)

[Invisible blocks] (This "invisible" representation offers an intermediate amount of information.)

[Visible blocks] (The moving blocks might give too much information, and not require that students deal with the position/time data presented in the original FCI question.)

Note -- more animation allows shorter written questions!

1. No.
2. Yes, at instant 2.
3. Yes, at instant 5.
4. Yes, at instants 2 and 5.
5. Yes, at some time during the interval between 3 and 4.
6. No Response

*The FCI (Force Concept Inventory) is a widely-used test of mechanics concepts. A version is printed in "Peer Instruction: A User's Manual" by Eric Mazur (Prentice Hall, 1997). For information, see the Peer Instruction section of http://galileo.harvard.edu/.
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