1.When there are two uniformly charged spherical shells, one inside the other as in this simulation, does one exert a net force on the other?
2.Set the charge on the inner shell to +3 mC and the charge on the outer shell to 2 mC (the charge of the point charge should be set to zero). The field in the thick wall of the outer shell is zero. For this to happen, what is the total charge on the inner surface of the outer shell? What is the total charge on the outer surface of the outer shells?
3.In the previous simulation you learned some general things about electric fields from point charges that should hold true for the charged spheres in this simulation. Here, though, you should also recognize two additional facts about the field near a charged conductor. First, what direction is the electric field at the surface of a conductor? Second, paying particular attention to the thick-walled outer shell, what is the electric field in the solid part of a conductor?
4.In this simulation, when the charge on the outer shell is set to zero the shell is removed from the picture. How would the field-line diagram change if the outer shell were left in the picture even when it had no net charge?