Mohammad F. Al-Kuhaili

Professor, Physics Department
Office: 225 Building 6
Phone: +966 (13) 860-2278
Fax: +966 (13) 860-2293


Research Interests:

Experimental condensed matter physics with particular emphasis on thin-film coatings and materials research. The fabrication and characterization of thin films provide essential insight into the fundamental understanding of matter at the nanoscale. From an application perspective, these films are at the core of several technologies and industries, including catalysis, sensing, photovoltaics, microelectronics, optoelectronics, and corrosion.

Research Areas:

        Deposition and characterization of thin films

        Materials synthesis and modification

        Optical properties of solids

        Functional coatings: photovoltaics, transparent conductors, heat mirrors, gas sensors