Dr. Thamer A. Al-Aithan

PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics, Syracuse University, USA, 1997



Dr. Al-Aithan is an Assistant Professor of Physics at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM).

His research interests include:

  1. QCD Phenomenology.
  2. B-Meson Physics.
  3. String Theory in Four Dimensions.

Selected Publications

1) A. H. S. Gilani, Riazuddin, T. A. Al-Aithan, Ward Identities, B ---> RHO Form-Factors and |V(ub)|,JHEP 0309:065, 2003.

2) Riazuddin ,T. A. Al-Aithan, A. H. S. Gilani, Form-Factors for B ---> PI Lepton Neutrino Decay in a Model Constrained by Chiral Symmetry and Quark Model, Int. J. Mod. Phys. A17:4927-4938, 2002.

3) T. A. Al-Aithan, Carl Rosenzweig, Second Stage String Fragmentation Model, Phys.Rev. D58:014018,1998.

4) T. A. Al-Aithan, Riazuddin, Charge Symmetry Breaking Corrections to Pseudoscalar Meson-Nucleon Coupling Constants Due to Up-Down Current Quark Mass Difference and Their Effects on n-n Scattering Lengths, Phys.Rev.C38:1822-1827,1988.