I teach the following courses this semester


PHYS102 Sections 13,14  and 15

PHYS102 Lab, Section 77


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PHYS432 (Introduction to Solid State Physics)


 Courses Taught:

 In general, I taught the following courses:



July 1978 - Dec. 1979:           Peshawar University, N.W.F.P. Pakistan


Taught the following graduate level courses:


            i.          Quantum Mechanics               (FALL 1978)

            ii.         Thermodynamics                     (FALL 1978)

            iii.        Solid State Physics                 (SPRING 1979, FALL 1979)

            iv.        Classical Mechanics                (SPRING 1979, FALL 1979



Dec. 1979 - Dec. 1980            :           Purdue University, U.S.A.


            Although I was designated as Research Associate, I taught physics courses at the level of   PHYS 101 & PHYS 102 being taught at KFUPM.



Dec. 1980 - Present                :           PHYSICS DEPT. KFUPM


 During my stay at KFUPM, I have taught practically all courses in Physics (i.e. General Physics I, II & III (PHYS101, 102 &201), Classical Mechanics I & II (PHYS 301, 302), Electricity and Magnetism I & II (PHYS305, 306), Heat And Thermodynamics (PHYS 331), Quantum Mechanics I & II (PHYS401, 402), Solid State Physics (PHYS432), Classical Mechanics (PHYS 507 GRADUATE COURSE) for the last 35 years. In addition, I have been coordinator for PHYS 101 & 102 courses (Lecture & Lab both) several times (more than 10 times for each course). I have participated in developing/improving several courses (Phys 301 & 302, Phys 101 & 102 etc.). In the recent years, I have always been on the exam committees of PHYS 101 & 102  as a Chairman, member or a reviewer.