Prof.Dr. Fida F. AL-ADEL

Professor of Physics, KFUPM                                                                             

Senior Editor, Asian Journal of Spectroscopy

Ex. Permanent Delegate of  Saudi

Arabia to UNESCO (April 2001 –June 2005)

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Fida. F. AL-ADEL, is Professor of Physics at KFUPM. ( King Fahd Univ. of Petroleum  & Minerals).

He received his Doctorat d’Etat in 1981, with first class honours from the University of Paris  VI /Pierre et Marie Curie.


He was in charge of the establishment at KFUM of an important Laser Research Laboratory that he directed from 1984 to 1997. He was also (95-97) the Manager of the Energy Resources Division, which included several research departments.

In addition to KFUPM, Prof Al-ADEL conducted his research at the University of Paris, Caltech and the University of Edinburgh. He has two publications with Professor A. ZEWAIL, Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Most of the publications of Prof. Al- ADEL appeared in journal with high impact factor.

 He was selected and nominated by « Le Jury National du Conseil des Universités » of France as Professor of Physics at Angers University in 1991, and was asked to decline it by KFUPM.

He was decorated by the French Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as Chevalier de l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques in 1994, after Royal Approval.

He received from HRH Prince Mohamad Bin Fahd his Award for Distinction in Research in 1995.

 He was invited among a small group of  Saudis by President Jacques CHIRAC of France to a meeting with him, in Jeddah on the 7th of July 1996. He used this opportunity to promote  the importance of agreeing on Universal Values in international affairs.

Prof. Al-ADEL research activities centre around Laser Induced Vibrational Energy Transfer in Molecules, Laser Supersonic Jet Spectroscopy and Laser Applications.

He is a Senior Editor for the International Quarterly Journal « The Asian Journal of Spectroscopy ».

 Fida Al-ADEL is a firm believer in the importance of the respect of cultural diversity between civilizations for a better human solidarity and hence world peace.

He has been nominated Permanent Delegate of Saudi Arabia to UNESCO in April 2001.


At UNESCO ( April 2001- June 2005):


-         Prof. Al- ADEL participated intensively to the activities of UNESCO including many experts meetings .

-          He presided over the group of Arab countries in 2003 ( year of the general conference # 32).

-          He gave a special attention to the promotion of certain activities at UNESCO and included his views about the organization in an article that was distributed to the Round Table of Ministers of Culture, Istanbul 15-18 September 2002. The present King of Cambodia found this article very interesting and enclosed his comments in a letter


-          Among the activities that he privileged are : Hydrology, World Peace, Global Solidarity specially in education, water and information technology.


-          He was the instigator of an International Water Solidarity Fund, that aims at helping with the problems of non availability of drinkable water to one sixth of humanity. The first pilot studies will be addressing Africa. This special fund received already important financial contributions.


-         He was appointed by UNESCO’s Director General as a member of a group of international experts that considered ways for promoting Basic Sciences world-wide. He participated to the group work with great interest since he believes firmly in the importance of Basic Sciences in the advancement of human knowledge. This program is now in the implementation stage.


-         He was appointed by UNESCO in a group led by the President of the General Conference to consider the reform of the Organization through the reform of its three governing bodies. He had several written contributions, parts of which were included in the final report (including a Vision for UNESCO)


-         He was selected by the Division of Basic and Engineering Sciences at UNESCO because of his  “ High repute in science and international cooperation” to participate in a Symposium in Venice on “Harnessing science for society: further partnership”. 2-5 March 2005.

     He considers that he influenced positively the deliberations and mostly the recommendations of the Symposium.


-         He participated tremendously to the elaboration of a convention on Cultural Diversity amongst the mile stones of his action are the following achievements:

    ¤ He succeeded in influencing several ministries within the Kingdom to work together for       the preparation of this convention. This is a first significant Saudi interminesterial activity at UNESCO.

    ¤ He wrote and distributed many notes at different stages of the elaboration of this convention.

     ¤ He participated to the Drafting Committee for the convention and led the Arab Part of it.

     ¤ At the beginning of the second intergovernmental experts meeting, the UNESCO Secretariat and the President of the meeting selected 6 countries to constitute a working group to facilitate the work of the plenary. Although this group met three times only and was replaced by other groups later, the selection of Saudi Arabia as one of the six may carry some significance!