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ID :                                                       Phys 101 ( Term 041)-( F. Enaya)                             


Show your steps clearly for full credit.!!


Q.1: The final velocity of a drop of water falling through the atmosphere is given by: v = (2/9)(r2 g ρ/ n) where v is the velocity of the drop in m/s; r is the radius in m; g is the acceleration due the gravity in m/s2; and ρ is the density of the water in kg/m3. What must be the unit of n, the coefficient of the velocity of the air which the drop falls?



                        In units :


                             n =  ( r2 g r )/ v  =  (m2 .  m . kg/m3)/(m/s) = (kg/s . m )  






Q.2:  Speed of the sound is 340 m/s. Express this in mile per hour. ( 1 mile = 1609 m)