Thermal and Statistical Physics (PHYS 430)


Course Description:

Statistical Physics, developing both thermodynamics and statistical mechanics simultaneously. Concepts of temperature, laws of thermodynamics, entropy thermodynamics relations, free energy. Applications to phase equilibrium, multi-component systems, chemical reactions, and thermodynamics cycles. Applications of statistical mechanics to physical systems; introduction to treatment of Maxwell-Boltzmann, Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac statistics with applications. Computational aspects of free energy, entropy and magnetization for various classical and quantum distributions.


Instructor: Dr. Abdullah Al-Sunaidi


Office : Bldg. 6-134

Tel. 3-860-3752

Office Hours: 10.00-11.50 (Sat. Mon and Wed)


Textbook : Introduction to Thermal Physics by D. Schroeder


Course syllabus









First Exam

Second Exam



Project 1: Monte Carlo Simulation of the Ising Model

Project 2: The specific Heat in the Bose-Einstein Condensation


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