Orbital Elements: Comets

This page lists links to orbital elements of observable comets in formats suitable for loading into a number of popular planetarium-type software packages.

Disclaimer: Mention here of a particular software package does not in any way represent an endorsement of the product.

The elements can be saved to your local machine by using your browser's `Save As' facility, ensuring that you select `Plain text' as the format for the saved document.

This page may be freely pointed-to from your own Web page but elements offered here are intended for your own personal use and must not be further distributed.

Elements are currently available for the following packages:

Data for further packages will be added when data on the proprietary formats used for the storage of orbital elements is made available by the software authors. Software authors (only) may use this feedback form to report full details on the formats and sample lines. Alternatively, this information may be e-mailed to gwilliams@cfa.harvard.edu.

Disclaimer: CBAT/MPC reserve the right not to include data for a particular software package.

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