PHYS 211
Term 021: First Semester 2002-2003
Date Topics chapter.section
Sept.  Sun 15 Introduction 1
Sept.  Tue 17 Huygens’ and Fermat’s principles 3.1-3.3
Sept Sat 21 Last day for dropping courses without permanent record  
Sept.  Sun 22 Imaging by an optical system 3.4-3.11
Sept.  Sun 22 Some Elementary Concepts and Techniques of Optical System  Lab-1
Sept.  Tue 24 Ray tracing by matrix methods 4.1-4.5
Sept.  Sun 29 Significance of system matrix elements 4.6-4.8
Sept.  Sun 29 Image formation: Study of Lens Aberration Lab-2
Oct. Tue 1 Stops, pupils and windows 6.1-6.3
Oct. Sun 6 Magnifiers, microscopes, telescopes 6.4-6.6
Oct. Sun 6 Detectors of Optical radiation Lab-3
Oct. Tue 8 Wave Equations 8.1-8.2,8.5-8.7
Oct. Sun 13 Superposition principle 9.1-9.3
Nov Mon 14 Measurement of speed of light in air Lab-4
Oct. Tue 15 Standing waves 9.4-9.5
Oct. Tue 15 project proposal due  
      Midterm grade reports due in the Deanship  
Oct  Wed 16 Exam 1 *** Ch1-Ch9 ***  
Oct. Sun 20 Wave Optics: Superposition of Waves I  Lab-5
Oct. Sun 20 Interference of Light 10.1-10.3
Oct. Tue 22 Last day for dropping courses with grade of "W"  
Oct  Wed 23 Interference in dielectric films 10.4-10.5
Oct. Sun 27 Wave Optics: Superposition of Waves II Lab-6
Oct. Sun 27 Michelson interferorneter 11.1-11.4
Oct. Tue 29 Fabry-Perot interferometer 11.5-11.9
Nov Sun 3 Wave Optics: Interference of light I Lab-7
Dec Mon 4 Coherence 12.1-12.5
Nov Tue 5 Holography 13.1-13.4
Nov Sun 10 Wave Optics: Interference of light II Lab-8
Nov Sun 10 Matrix treatment of polarization 14.1-14.2
Nov Tue 12 Production of polarized light 15.1-15.3
Nov Sun 17 Michelson interferorneter Lab-9
Nov Sun 17 Polarization by reflection 15.4-15.6
Nov Tue 19 Last day for withdrawal from all courses with grade of "W"  
Nov Wed 20 Last day of classes before Eid al-Fitr Vacation  
Dec Sat 14 Classes resume  
Dec Sun 15 Exam 2 *** Ch10-Ch15 ***  
Dec Sun 15 Polarization of light Lab-10
Dec Tue 17 Fraunhofer diffraction 16.1-16.2
Dec Sun 22 Rectangular and circular apertures 16.3-16.4
Dec Sun 22 Multiple Interference in a thin Dielectric film Lab-11
Dec Tue 24 Diffraction from many slits 16.5-16.6
Dec Sun 29 The diffraction grating 17.1-17.9
Dec Sun 29 Diffraction of light Lab-12
Dec Tue 31 Fresnel diffraction 18.1-18.3
Jan Sat 4 Last day for major exams;  
Jan Sat 4 Last day for withdrawal from all courses with grade of "WP/WF  
Jan Sun 5 Circular apertures 18.4-18.6
Jan Sun 5 Fresnel Diffraction at Circular Apertures and Spherical Obstavles Lab-13
Jan Tue 7 Rectangular apertures 18.7-18.9
Jan Sun 12 Laser basics and applications 21.1-21.3
Jan Sun 12 Fresnel Diffraction from a Straight edge Lab-14
Jan Tue 14 Projects presentation  
Jan Wed 15 Last day of classes  
      Exam 3(Final) *** Ch16-Ch21 ***  
Abdulaziz Aljalal
Instructor Phys 211