Information Resources Management

Instructor: Dr. Nassar M. Shaikh Office: 261/24
Office Hours: Sat & Mon 3-4 pm or by appt. Phone: 860-2700
E-Mail: Class Time: S,M 1:10-2:25 pm

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Text Book:
McNurlin and Sprague, Information Systems Management in Practice, Fifth edition, Prentice-Hall, 2002.

Course Description:
Theories and best practices in the management of organizational information systems resources. Frameworks for introduction, evolution, and assimilation of information systems into an organization. Roles of IT and roles of people using, developing, and managing systems. Global concepts of IT. Societal and ethical issues related to IS design and use.

Grading Policy:

Major I 20 %
Major II 20 %
Final 20 %
Quizes, HW, Participation 20 %
Group Project 20 %





Class Policy:
Your participation is highly recommended. Please come prepared to class by reading in advance the lecture material. All homework assignments should be typed and submitted on time. Late assignments will not be accepted. No make up exams will be given. Mobile telephones should be either switched off or set to silent mode.

Perspectives addressed:
International Coverage: Discussion of global information systems.
- Environmental Coverage: Discussion of green computing.
- Ethical and Social Coverage: Discussion of ethical and social issues in information systems.

Group Projects:

1. IT as an Agent of Social Change

2. Online Communities

3. A Study of Entry-Level Information Technology Workers: Employee Expectations and Job Perceptions

4. Exploring the Critical Success Factors for Customer Relationship Management and Electronic Customer Relationship Management Systems

5. Ecommerce in Saudi Arabia

6. Web-based tourism

7. Understanding Online Consumer Behavior: A Literature Review

8. E-Ethics: Morality In the Information Age

Important Dates:

11 Sep. 2002 Last day for adding courses
21 Sep. 2002 Last day for dropping courses without permanent record.
23 Oct. 2002 Last day for dropping courses with grad of "W"
20 Nov. 2002 Last day for withdrawal from all courses with grade of "W"
4 Jan. 2003 Last day for withdrawal from all courses with grade of "WP/WF"
15 Jan. 2003 Last day of classes




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MAJOR II 17 Nov (Sunday) 9:00-11:00 pm 120/24