Supervised Work:


As part of my research activities, Dr. Al-Khaldi supervised the students' research in their cooperative work assignments.  The following are examples of students' Co-op Reports that were directly supervised by him:


            Saudi Aramco Company Pipelines Reporting System: Ali Al-Sagour, 2002.


Bank Mail Dispatch System for the Saudi British Bank: Abdullah Al-Mudaimeg, 2002.


Improving the Systems Development Operations Departmentís Home Page Using ASP Codes: Abdul-Rahman Kattoah, 2002.


Project Review and Coordination Division System at Saudi Aramco: Zeyad Al-Dossari, 2002.


Ice Plant System for Ddhahran Uttilities Department at Saudi Aramco: Aabdul-Azziz All-Anazi, 2002.


Employee Share Participation Plan System at the Saudi British Bank: Amr Al-Jallal, 2002.


Service Quality of the Saudi Aramco Intranet, by: Mohammad Al-Huzaim, 2001.


Office Automation Through Internet Websites at the National Commercial Bank, by: Mohammad Al-Sulaiman, 2000.


Hand Held Terminals and Vendor-Managed Inventory at Unilever Arabia, by: Fowzi Al-Hussain, 2000.


Saudi Arabian Riyal Interbank Express System at the Saudi American Bank (SAMBA), by: Nasser Al-Fahadi, 2000.


Social Insurance System at SCECO-EAST, by: Muhammad Al-Morohen, 2000.


YEAR 2000 (Y2K) Problem in the Saudi British Bank, by: Muhannad Al-Kunaizi, 1999.

Tackling Y2K Problem at the Saudi British Bank, by:  Muhammad Al-Khunaizi, 1999.


Information Systems Outsourcing at Saudi Aramco, by: Abdullah Al-Utaibi, 1998.


Information Technology and Vendor Managed Inventory at UNILEVER, by: Nabil Khojah, 1997.


Service Quality in Hotel Industry of Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, by: Muhammad Yaser Albustani, 1996.


LAN Administration and Gate Passes Tracking System for Saudi Aramco, by: Fayez Al-Ansari, 1996.


Personal Data Management in the National Commercial Bank, by: Hussain Al-Gadri, 1993.


Building a Sales Database for the International Sales Department at SAMAREC (Jeddah),  by: Akram Said, 1991.