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Aug 9 2010

I am studying at University of Connecticut for

PhD in Operations and Info Management



Aug 4 2010

My News with Blog and Website:



This website is not working anymore, in the future it might be fixed.



June 15 2010

I have started a new Arabic Website about Vehicular Cycling and About Recumbent or Jariyat Cycling.





April 26 2006

This is big hit, you may see this applet around many sites! Try this online Family Tree Creator. Currently you can see a small portion of the Prophet Mohammad's Peace Be Upon Him Family Tree.




April 17 2006

Try out my Tetris game, it is not really the game that matters, it is the design pattern applied in developing this piece of software. Download the source code from here.



April 16

ObjectDatabase Project has been published as an Open Source Project in SourceForge.net. You can use the latest Version of it always. If you wanted to participate in developing this package, contact me any time.



Feb 10 2006

Check my Blog at my webpage www.hussam.ws




Feb 6, 2006

Are you tired of J2EE Java Beans implementation? Do you believe that a J2EE application server is too large for your application? Do you think a Web container is all you need for you system? Do you think you need a simple way to access a database and use Objects to resemble tables and Rows? Then ObjectDatabase is your choice.



Click here for My Fractal Applet



Don't miss some of my fractal images. I will post the applet in the near future to have your own fractal images! 29-1-2006


Allah Blessed me with a daughter!



The Hussam Math Parser Package Version 3.0 Beta is finally released. you can see the Applet test, download the source files, download the library and see documentation here.


The Math Parser Java Package Version 2.7 is finally released. You can see the Applet test, Application Test, Source Code and Documentation here.



I need a Blog. Any assistance is highly appreciated.




To Professors: Researching works out my mind. You can contact me to research and assist any of your papers.


To Graduate Assistants: Working to get Admission is a struggle. Thus, I encourage meeting and communicating experiences. Lecturers are best assets. I am looking forward if someone can start a forum. Having an organized meeting every week or two would be wonderful!


I am looking forward hearing responses.


To Students: Please feel free to visit my office any time during my Office Hours or by appointment. You can contact me by email or by mobile.



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