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  • Director, Center for Economics and Management Systems in the Research Institute and Associate Professor of Business Administration in the Department of Management & Marketing in the College of Industrial Management, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

  • Manager, Economics Studies Unit at the Research Institute, KFUPM.
  • Chairman of Management Development Program in the College of Industrial Management (1982 - 1990).
  • Member of the Advisory Board of IIUM Journal of Economics and Management.
  • Member of the University Scientific Council (1994 - 1998).
  • Member of the Board of Trustees, Hadhramout University for Science and Technology, Mukalla, Yamen.
  • Taught as part-time instructor at the Institute of Public Administration, Dammam Branch in 1977/78 as well as Short Courses offered by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1977-1996.

  • Management Consultant to Eastern Experts Center, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.
  • Consultant to various Public & Private Organizations inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • Among his various publications, a book entitled: Administrative Development: An Islamic Perspective (London: Kegan Paul International, 1985) 470 pages.

  • Management & Leadership in Islam (Dammam, Al-Nadi Al-Adabi 1996) in Arabic.
  • Management in Islamic Heritage With Some Words of Wisdom for Officials and Business Executives 1987. Published by: Modern Services Library, Jeddah (in Arabic) and co-authored.
  • A dictionary of Management Terms with Dr. At-Twaijri (Riyadh, Obeikan Bookshop, 1993).
  • The Right Path in Making Proper Decision. With Dr. At-Twaijri (Obeikan Bookshop).
  • Over 23 years of experience in University education and continuing education short courses and seminars in various topics of Business Administration inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Some of the short courses taught are: Problem Solving Decision Making, Effective Supervision, Advanced Supervision, Middle Management, Production Management, HR Management, OB in Service Industry, Conflict Management, Stress Management, Relationship Management & Communication, etc.
  • Offered short courses for so many institutions including: Saudi Aramco, SCECO, Saudia, Navy, Institute of Banking, SABIC, HADEED, SAMREF, IBN ZAHAR, Gulf Bank (Bahrain), KFUPM, Islamic Development Bank, Chambers of Commerce, Banks, Dubai (U.A.E) etc.

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