Professor of Management

Department of Management & Marketing

College of Industrial Management





King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia





December 15,   2006








I.          CURRICULUM VITAE                                                                                                1

A.        Personal Detail                                                                                                              1

B.         Education                                                                                                                       1

C.         Continuing Professional Education                                                                                   1

D.        Professional Experience                                                                                                  3

E.         Membership of Professional Societies                                                                              4

F.         Honors, Awards and Special Recognition                                                                         5


II          INDUSTRIAL EXPERIENCE                                                                                       6

A.        Summary of activities (1982-94)                                                                                       

            1993-94                                                                                                                          6

            1992-93                                                                                                                          6

            1991-92                                                                                                                          6

            1987-90                                                                                                                          6

            1986-87                                                                                                                          6

            1985-86                                                                                                                          6

            1982-85                                                                                                                          6

B.         Visiting Industrial Companies (Consultations)                                                                    7

C.         Popular Business Readings                                                                                              7



            COURSES TAUGHT                                                                                                    8


IV.       TEACHING EXPERIENCE                                                                                           8

A.        Courses Taught                                                                                                                   8

B.         Short Courses                                                                                                                     8

C.         Short Courses (Chamber of Commerce)                                                                              9

D.         Public Lectures                                                                                                                  9                                                                           E.         Annual Performance Appraisal                                                                                         11

F.         Students' Evaluation                                                                                                          11


V.        RESEARCH                                                                                                                11

A.        List of Publication in Refereed Journals                                                                          11

B.         Papers Submitted to Refereed Journals                                                                          13

C.         Publications in Popular Journals                                                                                     13

D.        Conference Presentation                                                                                               14

E.         Books                                                                                                                          15

F.         Research Work in Progress                                                                                           16


VI.       PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES                                                                                   17

A.        Referring, Reviewing & Examinations                                                                            17

B.         Conference & Seminar Presentations and

            Attendance                                                                                                                   20


VII.      UNIVERSITY SERVICES                                                                                           23

A.        Administrative Positions                                                                                                24

B.         Participation in Committees                                                                                           24

            1.      Research Institute                                                                                                24

            2.      Department                                                                                                         24

            3.      College                                                                                                                24

            4.      University                                                                                                            25


C.                 Other Services to Higher Education                                                                               26



VIII.     OTHER ACTIVITIES: NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL                                         26



            LISTINGS                                                                                                                   27


X.         PROMOTION COMMITTEES                                                                                    28


XI.       COURSES TAUGHT AT KFUPM (1977-2006)                                                            30


XII.      STUDENT COOP PROJECTS SUPERVISED                                                             34


XIII      ADVISING ACTIVITIES                                                                                            35

A.        MBA Students                                                                                                              35

B.                 Undergraduate students                                                                                                 35


XIV      CITATIONS  OF MY WORK                                                                                      35






































                   Department of Management and Marketing; College of Industrial Management


                  Center for Economics & Management Systems, Research Institute, 2000 – 2004

                  Manager, Economic Studies Section at Research Institute, 1998 - 2000

                  Associate Professor of Management, Department of Management & Marketing

                  College of Industrial Management  (Until January 3, 2006).

                  King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

                  Chairman, Management Development Program (Former) 1982 - 1990


Date of birth:         01/07/1367H (10/05/1948)

Nationality:           Saudi Arabian


Marital                  Married (4 children): Abdullah (1978), Raghad (1979), Anas (1985), and

Status:                   Azzam (1994)


Address:               Box # 500, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran –

                              31261, Saudi Arabia


Telephones:          (03) 860-2725 (Office); (03) 860-2130 (Secretary)

                              (03) 860-6970 (Residence)

                              (03) 860-2740 (fax)

                              (05) 482 2482 (Mobile)


B.         EDUCATION


1.                  Ph.D., Public Administration/Management, 1981, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C., U.S.A.

2.                  M.P.A., Public Administration, 1974, California State University, Sacramento, CA, USA with GPA 4.0/4.0

3.                  B.Sc., (with honors) Business Administration and Anthropology, 1972, California State University, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.

4.         High School, 2nd rank Kingdom-wide, 1967, Al-Aziziyah Secondary School, Makkah, Saudi Arabia.




1.         Certificate, Executive Development Program, 1982, Graduate School of Business and Public Administration, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., U.S.A.

 (A six-week long Senior Management Course-offered by the Cornell University, Business and Management Faculty covering all functional areas of business including Marketing, Finance, Accounting and Management).


* To cover 30 years activities, you have to be brief and cannot include everything in the resume;  thus  an abridged version of the resume’ is presented here


2.         Certificate, Academic Leadership Seminar, May 19-23, 1990 conducted at KFUPM by the Academic Development Center in Cooperation with the Institute for Academic Leadership of Florida State University, Tallahassee, U.S.A


3.         Certificate, KFUPM attending a short course on "Good Evaluation: A Critical Part of Good Teaching", November 23-27,1991.


4.         Certificate, Department of Accounting and MIS, College of Industrial Management, KFUPM attending a short course on "Computer Business Applications", June 27-July 1, 1992.


5.         Certificate, Data Processing Center, KFUPM attending a short course on "PC and D.O.S." November 7 - 11, 1992.


6.         Certificate, Data Processing Center, (ITC) KFUPM attending a short course on "D-Base IV", December 12-23, 1992.


7.         Certificate, Department of Accounting and MIS, College of Industrial Management, KFUPM attending a short course on "Business Graphics in Effective Management", February 13 - 15 1993.


8.                   Certificate, Information and Computer Science Department, College of Computer Science and Engineering at KFUPM, attending short curse on "Personal Computers and Their Applications” April 24 to May 05, 1993.


9.                   Certificate, Effective Teaching, by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at KFUPM, December 6-8, 1997.


10.               Attended a short course on: Teaching Courses Incorporating Projects: Facing the Challenges, at KFUPM, October 25, 1998.


11.               Certificate, Learning Centered Approach Workshop, By Professor Lynn Bellamy, Arizona State University, at KFUPM, 29 of August to 1 September 1999.


12.               Certificate, A short course on “Building High Performance Teams”, by Australian Institute of Management NSW & ACT Ltd., Sydney, 7 – 8 August 2001.


13.               Certificate, A short course on “Conflict Resolution Skills”, by Australian Institute of Management NSW & ACT Ltd., Sydney, 9 – 10 August 2001.


14.               Certificate, A short course on “Striving for Excellence in University Teaching & Learning-II” conducted by Academic Development Center, KFUPM, 27 to 29 August 2001.


15.               Certificate, A short course on “Introduction to Web CT” conducted by Academic Development Center, KFUPM, 16 – 23 July 2002.


16.               Certificate, A short course on “Managing a Customer Focused Organization” by Australian Institute of Management NSW & ACT Ltd., Canberra, 26 – 27 August 2002.


17.               Certificate, A short course on “Creating Best Practice” by Australian Institute of Management NSW & ACT Ltd., Canberra, 29 – 30 August 2002.


18.               Certificate, a short course on “How to be an Effective University Teacher” conducted by Academic Development Center, 07 – 08 September 2002.


19.               Certificate, A short course on “Increasing Effectiveness as a University Teacher”, conducted by Academic Development Center, 09 – 11 September 2002.


20.               Certificate,  a short course on "Preparing Prospective Peer Consultant," Conducted by Academic Development Center, KFUPM


21.               Certificate, A short course on “Critical Thinking” conducted by Deanship of Academic Development, KFUPM, 07 – 10 September 2003.


22.               Attended a workshop on “Developing the Communication Skills of Students,” Conducted by Professor Sergio Piccinin; Deanship of Academic Development, DAD, Bldg 20, KFUPM Campus, September 4-5, 2004.


23.               Attended a workshop on “Active Learning to Foster Critical Thinking,”  (Same as above),  September 6, 2004.


24.               Attended a workshop on “Using Groups and Student Teams to Promote Learning,”  (As above), September 7, 2004.


25.               Attended a Seminar on “Migrating from Blackboard to WebCT,” by Junaid Akhtar, Deanship of Academic Development, Bldg 20, Room 103. September 12, 2004.


26.               Attended a short course "Basics of WebCT," April 3 & 5, 2006, conducted by DAD


27.               Attended a short course "Effective People's Skills,"  at the Australian Institute of Management, Sydney, June 26-28, 2006.


28.               Attended a short course "Professional Presentation,"  at the Australian Institute of Management, Sydney, June 29-30, 2006.


29.               Attended a short course, "Publishing Content and Quizes in WebCT," conducted by DAD, KFUPM, 23-25, 2006.




1.         Assistant Manager, 1964-67, A.M. Kaki Banking Office, Makkah, Saudi Arabia (Part-time while going to school).


2.         Lecturer, 1977-1978, King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.


3.         Part-time Lecturer, 1977-1978, Institute of Public Administration, Dammam, Saudi Arabia


4.         Assistant Professor, 1982-1987, Department of Management & Marketing, College of Industrial Management, King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran.


5.         Associate Professor, 1987 -2005, Department of Management and Marketing, College of Industrial Management, King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran.


6.     Professor, 04-01-2006 to Present, Department of Management and Marketing, College of Industrial Management, King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran.


7.         Part-time Professor, 1984-present, Short Courses of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Dammam.


8.         Chairman, Management Development Program, 1982-1990, College of Industrial Management, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran.


9.          Summer Coordinator, College of Industrial Management, (893) 1989-1990.


10.        Sabbatical Year, Visiting Professor, University of Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A, 1990-1991.


11.        Coordinator, Summer Program College of Industrial Management, KFUPM Summer, 1994.


12.        Member, KFUPM Scientific Council, 1994-1998. (Two terms)


13         Manager, Economic Studies Section, Research Institute, KFUPM, 1998 – 2000.


14.        Director, Center for Economics & Management Systems, Research Institute, KFUPM

2000 – 2004.





1.         American Society for Public Administration, (ASPA).


2.         Section of International and Comparative Administration (SICA) American Society of Public Administration.


3.         American Association of Graduate Schools of Business (AAGSB).


4.                 American Management Association (AMA)

5.                 Arab Management Association, (AMA) Cairo, Egypt.

6.                 Saudi Management Association (SMA) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

7.                 Saudi Marketing Association, (SMA),  Saudi Arabia.

8.                 Malaysian Management Association,  (MMA), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

9.                 Advisory Board of IIUM Journal of Economics & Management  (until 31December 2008)

10.              Board of Trustees, Hadhramout University for Science and Technology Mukalla,

Yemen,  (1997 - present).

11.              Advisory Board for the Arab Management Group at Bradford University, U.K.

12.              Australian Institute of Management (AIM)






1.         My book Administrative Development: An Islamic Perspective (London, Kegan Paul International, 1985, 1988) has been selected to be one of the major contributions to the Classics of Organization Theory by Jay M. Shafritz and J. Steven Ott. (Pacific Grove, CA: Books/Cole Publishing Co., 1992) p. 22.  The Authors state, "Dr. Muhammad Al-Bureay combines Western methodology and technique with Islamic substance, values, and ethics, to demonstrate how the Islamic perspective (as a system and a way of life) is an important moving force in the process and realization of administrative development worldwide".


2.         The same book which has been published 6 times in different languages and has been widely used as a supplementary reading locally and worldwide. An example is this course:


CRP 562   Public Works Administration Management in the City and Regional Planning Program at the College of Environmental Design, KFUPM in Fall 1989 by Dr. K. Mueller Ibold.


3.         Listed in "Who's Who in the World," 12th ed. (1994-1995)


4.         Listed in Dictionary of International Biography 23rd Ed.  "A Vital Record of Human Accomplishment".  This is the Biographical Record of Contemporary Achievement (1994-1995).


5.         An Award and Certificate from King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals for completion of  10 years and 15 years service to the University  (June, 1987 and 1412/1992).


6.         An Award and Certificate from King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals for completion of 10 years service to the University 1407/1987.


7.         A winner of a Grand Prize Cash Award by Al-Jazirah National Newspaper, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1404/1984).


8.         Certificate of Copyright Registration No. TX 870-508 dated 18 March 1982. Administrative Development: An Islamic Perspective.


9.         An Award and Certificate of Appreciation from the American Society for Public Administration (Research Triangle Chapter) for 1980-81 Program Meetings.


10.        An Award of Appreciation for Community Services in the Research Triangle Area of North Carolina Presented by the MSA of UNC and Duke Islamic Association, August 1981.


10a     Certificate of appreciation from the University for completing 10 and 15 years of service (1987). And (1992)


11.        Certificate of appreciation from the University for completing 20 years of service (1997).


12.        Certificate of Appreciation from the Royal Air force Base in Eastern Province for Lecturing in the Base (1420H—1999).


13.        Graduation Award 1981, Saudi Arabian Educational Mission, U.S.A. for obtaining Ph.D. with Honors.


14.        Certificate of appreciation for completing 30 years of service at KFUPM (May, 2006)


15.        Graduation Award 1974 Saudi Arabian Educational Mission, U.S.A. for obtaining MPA (with Honors) and GPA of 4.0 out of 4.0.


16.        Graduation Award 1972 Saudi Arabian Educational Mission, U.S.A. for obtaining B.Sc. in Business Administration with (Honors).


17.        B.S. with Honors from CSU, Sacramento, 1972.


18.        Second in the High School Final Examination, 1967, Kingdom-wide.





A.        In addition to the exposure to so many Companies and Corporations in USA and Saudi Arabia during my Ph.D. studies, I have the following industrial experience stated in summary and covering the period 1982-1994.


1993-94 SAVOLA:


I worked very closely with Mr. Hayel M. Ibrahim who spent his Coop work experience in SAVOLA, headquarter in Jeddah.  I gave him the assignment of studying Afia and Mazola Oil in a comparative manner.  He did a good job and submitted a Coop report entitled: "Saudi Vegetable Oil & Ghee Company (SAVOLA) - Comparative Study Between Afia and Mazola Products".  Dr. Sami Baroom of SAVOLA attended the student's presentation on Monday April 4, 1994.  He was very impressed with the presentation and the report.


1992-1993 ARAMCO:


Analyzing the problems faced by Saudi ARAMCO in recruiting for remote location jobs in remote areas.


Work Stress in ARAMCO Materials Control Department was also studied during this period.  Causes of stress were identified, and sources of job stress were studied. Symptoms of stress were examined, and a Western view of stress was compared with the Islamic View which concentrates on Quran, Faith, Prayers, Fasting and Patience.  A questionnaire was designed, distributed and analyzed.   It was found that "Rapport with Management," & "Job Pressure," is considered the first and second sources of job stress respectively in that department at Saudi ARAMCO.


This project was a very useful for all three parties. The Company, the graduating co-op student, and myself as well.  It gave me a rich experience and an actual example to be used and discussed in my classes at both graduate and undergraduate levels.




The issues of Motivation and Job Satisfaction were studied in Saudi ARAMCO.  A survey Study was designed and distributed to some ARAMCO employees to measure their motivation and find out whether their needs are met or not.  Another questionnaire to measure job satisfaction was distributed to 150 employees out of which 91 was received back.  The study showed that 48% of the respondents claimed to have low satisfaction, which is an anomaly given the reputation of the company.




An International high commission was formed to constitute a task force made of four Scholars from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nigeria and Malaysia to study the feasibility of establishing an International Center for Islamic Management.  The Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah sponsors it. I represented the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in this project, which is a good working exercise in Institution Building.  I have offered a great contribution to the task force, and the center came to existence in Kuala Lumpur in 1992.  I was asked to go to Malaysia in (May-June, 1993) to attend a conference regarding the main goals and objectives of the Center.




Worked in a team to examine and study the actual practices in a number of Saudi companies in implementing various methods of performance appraisal and evaluation.  We studied the goals and objectives of performance evaluation, who actually does the evaluation?  How often the evaluation is performed?  What different methods are used?  And the different factors that influence the process of performance evaluation.  The result of this experience was Published in Arab Journal of Administration plus a rich experience on our part regarding this important function of Human Resource Management.




I studies the Human Resource Planning at ARAMCO and worked very closely with a student who spent his 28-week coop experience in ARAMCO and wrote a report on the subject.  We examined various issues such as the demand of employment required, the employment planning process, analyzing the internal and external manpower supply, forecasting human resource needs and management estimation.




I spent so far four years as a Chairman of the Management Development Program at KFUPM. I made many contacts and visits to Saudi Banks, Companies and Government Agencies.  I worked closely with SCECO East, ARAMCO, Jubail Companies and Saudi Navy and Airline in the training field, and human resource management various functions.




Jubail Industrial City (SABIC)

The location of KFUPM in the Eastern Province made it very convenient for me to observe Jubail Industrial City and SABIC's various companies very closely.  I offered them consultations and various short courses on many occasions.


Al-Raddadi Group

I consulted for Al-Raddadi Group in Dammam Industrial City regarding Human Resource Issues and other Investment matters.



I visited Yanbu Industrial City and observed closely some of the companies.  Such visits enrich my practical experience. I gave various short courses on many subjects such as:  Decision-Making and Problem solving; Basic Supervision; Dealing with Others; Effective Management; and Developing Managerial Skills, to mention a few.




As a University Professor, I try to keep myself up to date with current developments in the field by reading new books and articles on Management.  I am a regular reader of:


Accounting, Commerce & Finance: The Islamic Perspective Journal

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

Business Week


Harvard Business Review 

Human Resource Focus (formerly Personnel)

Sloan Management Review

Supervisory Management

Wall Street Journal

And other  titles as well.




The above industrial experience helped me a great deal to integrate what I learned to courses at the graduate MBA level as well as the undergraduate B.Sc. level.


Practical issues observed such as: Recruiting, Selection, Training, Career Development, Performance Evaluation, Incentives, Benefits, Safety and Health and compensation are of great value to the Human Resource Courses MGT 525 and MGT 401.  They provide rich experience and practical and actual examples to supplement the theoretical frame of reference of the course.


Other issues such as Planning, Organizing, Communicating, Controlling, Motivating, Job Satisfaction, Stress, Power, and Coordination contribute a great deal to the subjects covered in MGT 501 and MGT 301 "Principles of Management".  They provide practical examples and real experience to go hand-in-hand with the theories covered in the textbooks.  Our students, both at the MBA level and the undergraduate level love to hear examples from the real Saudi working environment.  Their texts, examples, and cases are all from the American environment.  I, myself, have noted a big improvement on my part as a result of such good industrial experience.




A.        Courses Taught at the Islamic and Arabic Studies Department and the College of Industrial Management, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (1977-2002) at the Graduate and Undergraduate Levels.


1.       Business Policy

2.       Compensation & Benefits Management

3.       Human Resource Management

4.       Independent Research in Management

5.       Marketing

6.       Organization Behavior

7.       Organizational Changes & Development

8.       Organization Theory & Design

9.       Personnel Management

10.   Principles of Management

11.   Sociology

12.   Speech Communication


B          Short Course supervised, Coordinated and/or taught at the College of Industrial Management, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, during my tenure as a Chairman of Management Development Program (1982-1990).


Supervised 80 short courses that were offered by the Management Development Programs in the College of Industrial Management at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in the period November 13, 1982 to May 30, 1990 which were attended by 1450 participants from all over the Kingdom, the Gulf, and other Arab countries.


C.         Short Courses taught at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dammam (1984-present):


1.   Industrial Management Seminars

2.   Public Relations and Information Seminars

3.   Personnel Management Seminars

4.   Essentials of Public Relations Seminars




Over 12 Public Lectures given to students who will be going abroad to pursue their study in a program designed and administered by the Islamic University of Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud in Riyadh and Dhahran between 1983-1985.


Public lectures in Management at King Faisal University Medical School, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and other Institutions.


A lecture presentation on Management in Islam at Agrabiyyah in December 1992.


A lecture presentation on Islamic Management Center at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 25-30 May 1993.


Presentation on “Islamic Center and their roles in serving students abroad” at Dhahran International Hotel, Dhahran in May 1993.


Presentation on Leadership: Rov er’s perspective given at KFUPM in June 1993.


A lecture presentation on “An Islamic Perspective to Managing Information Technology” at Management Center, University of Bradform, England on July 7, 1993.


A lecture presentation on “An Islamic Perspective to Managing Information Technology” at Al-Khobar on July 7, 1993.


The Importance of Scientific Research for Educational Administration offered in the Department of Girls education in the Eastern Province, February 28, 1999.


A short course on “Basic Effective Supervision” (in Arabic) was offered to Ibn Zahr Company, Jubail, 11 – 13 March 1999.


A short course on “Development of Managerial Skills” (in Arabic) was offered to WAMY, Dammam, 10 April 1999.


A short course on “Developing Managerial Skills” was offered at KFUPM, Dhahran, 24 – 28 April 1999.


A short course on “Effective Supervision” (in Arabic) was offered to Ibn Zahr company, Jubail, 25-29 April 1999.


A short course on “Basic Effective Supervision” (in Arabic) was offered to Ibn Zahr company, Jubail, 6 – 10 November 1999.


A lecture presentation to SCECO on: Towards TQM in Our Service Industry with Dr. Essam Mahmoud on 25th May 1999.


A 2 hours lecture on “Human Resources Management” (in Arabic) at Air Force Base Group No. 5, Umm Assahick, Eastern Province, 5 March 2000.


Lecture: The Distinguished Manager and the Skills of Professional Management, 120 Principles of Schools in Eastern Province, 17 October 2000, Building 20, KFUPM


Lecture: The Art of Dealing with Others, 5 April 2001, Dammam.


Lecture: Student Time Between Order and Disorder, 8 April 2001, KFUPM.


Lecture: Team Building, 15 May 2001, Chemistry Department Auditorium, KFUPM.


Lecture: Student Time Between Order and Disorder, 26 May 2001, Iman University, Sanaa, Yeman.


Principles of Management in Islam, 6 August 2001, Victoria University of Wilmington, Faculty of Commerce and Administration, New Zealand.


Lecture: Don’t be Sad – Golden Rules of Happiness: An Islamic View, 18 April 2002, Dammam.


Presented a short course on Relationship Management at the College of Industrial Management on 27 April 2002.


Presentation and lecture for ther Gifted Students on Project Management from 15 – 18 June 2002.


Lecture: Don’t be Sad – Golden Rules of Happiness: An Islamic View, August, 2002, Brisbane, Australia


Lecture: Don’t be Sad – Golden Rules of Happiness: An Islamic View, August, 2002, Surfers Paradise, Australia


Coordinated a short course on “How to Conduct Business Consulting” offered by Dr. Wayne Harvey, Managing Director, Flinders Consulting Pty. Ltd., Australia, held at the Research Institute from October 26 – 30, 2002.


Lecture on “Time Management for Students” delivered to about 800 students of King Fahd Naval Academy in Jubail on 20th April 2003.


Presentation and lecture for the Gifted Students on Project Management from 05 – 09 July 2003.


A series of lectures on “How to deal with others” have been delivered to the Eastern Province Patrolling Department in their headquarters and in the College of Industrial Management from June – July 2003.


Gave a lecture on “The Role and Responsibility of Stakeholders Towards Medical Ethics” in a one day symposium on Medical Ethics and Professionalism: Raising Awareness Among Stakeholders at King Faisal University Medical School, Al-Khobar on 26-12-1424, 17th February 2004.





1987           Excellent

1988           Excellent

1989           Excellent

1990-91      Sabbatical

1991           Distinguished

1992           Distinguished

1993-94      Distinguished

1994-95      Distinguished

1996-97      Distinguished

1998-99      Excellent






            2003-04            8.12/10

2002-03            9.03/10

2001-02            8.03/10

2000-01            7.87/10

1999-00            6.55/10

1998-99            8.77/10

1997-98            6.86/10

1996-97            7.75/10

1995-96            3.58/5

1994-95            3.57/5

1993-94            4.18/5

1992-93            4.25/5

1991-92            4.25/5

1989-90            4.50/5


V.         RESEARCH




1.                   Al-Buraey, Muhammad A. and Abdul Ghani, Jawaid, "Management Education for Engineers: The Case of Saudi Arabia".  European Journal of Engineering Education, Vol. 11 No. 4, January 1987, pp. 437-450.


An early version of the above research paper was presented at the "Second Saudi Engineering Conference" held at KFUPM November 16-19, 1985 and was published in the Preprint Vol. 2, pp. 1009-1036.


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1.      Al-Buraey, Muhammad A. “The Art of Dealing with Others: Past and Present” (in Arabic)


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            Role                                                     Institution                                              Date


Member of Exam Committee        Civil Service Bureau (1)                                       1985-1987


Referee                                       Economics Department (2)                                   1982-1984

                                                   KSU, Riyadh


Referee                                       Research Center Papers, and                                1984-Present

                                                   Publications, KSU, Riyadh


Referee                                       International Center for Research (3)                    1983

                                                   In Islamic Economics,

                                                   King Abdulaziz University, J eddah.


Reviewer                                     Second International Conference on Islamic           March 19-23,

                                                   Economics, Islamabad, Pakistan                            1983


Reviewer &                                 Economic Integration in the Gulf                            December

Discussant                                   States - A Conference, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia         1983


Member of Exam. Committee       Civil Service Bureau (1)                                       January 1987


Referee                                       College of Economics and Administration,              1982-Present

                                                   King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah


Referee                                       College of Administrative Sciences                        1982-Present

                                                   King Saud University, Riyadh

                                                   (Especially Their Refereed Journal

                                                   and the Publications of their Research Center.


Examined                                     Examined research output of a faculty member      May 2002

                                                   At King Faisal University, Al-Hassa for

                                                   Promotion to Associate Professor in Mgt.


Review                                        Reviewed several MS thesis for Hull

                                                   Unviersity student in Eastern Province


Referee                                       Refereed and examined several research

                                                   papers for IIUM, King Saud Unviersity and

                                                   King Abdulaziz University for journals

                                                   publication as well as long term projects


Referee                                       Refereed a research paper entitled “Management:

                                                   A Comparative Analysis (International Islamic

                                                   University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Referee                                       Refereed a research paper entitled “Research

                                                   Status Journals: A Comparative Study” for

                                                   Administrative Sciences Journal (KSU, Riyadh)


Refereed                                     Refereed a research paper entitled “Management:

                                                   Of Change: Facing Challenges” for Federation

                                                   Of UAE Chamber of Commerce & Industry,

                                                   Abu Dhabi, UAE.


                                                   Participated in the “Meeting of Experts”

                                                   IIU Management Center, Kuala Lumpur,



Reviewer                                     External examiner member at Naif Arab

                                                   Academy For Security Sciences, Riyadh


Reviewer                                     Reviewed one book entitled “Human Relations

                                                    in Contemporary Islamic Administrative

                                                   Thought” for publication by Naif Arab

                                                   Academy for Security Sciences, Riyadh                 August 2003


Review                                        Reviewed a Ph.D. Thesis at Imam Muhammad

                                                   Bin Saud University, Riyadh


                                                   Review and evaluate two KACST projects


Coordinator                                  Gulf & Peninsula area for the Islamic                    2002 – 2003

                                                   Encyclopedia of management &administration

                                                   published by ARADO (Arab Organization

                                                   of Administrative Development


Reviewer                                     Reviewed a research paper from Malaysia

                                                   Entitled “The Multidimentional Nature and

                                                   Purpose of Business in Islam” submitted to

                                                   Accounting, Commerce and Finance: The

                                                   Islamic Perspective Journal                                   Sept. 2003

Reviewer                                       A promotion Case to Full Professor in Management

                                                      In Al-Qaseem University                                        Spring 2006

 (1)       This is a high level committee made up of the General Director of the Civil Service Bureau, Dammam; General Director of the Institute of Public Administration, Dammam; and myself.  This Committee administers oral exams for high level civil servants who apply for high-level Kingdom-wide jobs.

 (2)       I have been selected to become a regular referee for research papers on Islamic Economics - King Saud University, Riyadh.

 (3)       I have also been serving as a referee for the Journal of Research in Islamic Economics issued by the International Center for Research in Islamic Economics at King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah.

            Editing a large volume which contains over 20 research papers on the subject of “Management and Administration in Islam”.  This volume being a proceeding of a conference in Cairo, Egypt in September 1990.

            Consulting services for the Islamic Development Bank for the research work entitled “Islamic Administration” from 1992 – 1993




            A PARTIAL LIST


Title of paper and/or Conference                                  Place                                   Date



Comparative Administration: What Does             Shaw University                     April 23, 1981

It Say to the Eighties? (A Seminar)                     Raleigh, N.C., U.S.A.


Economic Right: Islamic Solution to                    Indiana University                  May 22-25, 1981

Economic Exploitation, 19th MSA                       Bloomington,

Annual Conference.                                          Indiana, U.S.A.


ASPA National Conference                               Honolulu, Hawaii,                   March 21-25, 1982


Second International Conference on                   Islamabad,                             March 19-23, 1983

Islamic Economics                                             Pakistan


Continuing Education in Management:                 KFUPM, Dhahran,                 Nov. 16-19, 1985

A Growing Need of Saudi Engineers                  Saudi Arabia

 (Presented with J. Abdul Ghani).

2nd Saudi Engineers Conference.


Human Resource Management Seminar               Manamah, Bahrain                 Nov.29-Dec.3, 1986


The Influence of Islamic Culture on                    Lisbon, Portugal                     March 25-27, 1987

Managing People: Dynamics of an Islamic          (Management Center

Model in Personnel Administration.                     Europe)

19th International Personnel Management



Public Relation Seminar                                      Eastern Province Imarah          March, 1988


Principles of Management and                           Khartoum, Sudan                    September 1989

Leadership in Islam.                                          (Diwan al-Zakah &

                                                                        Islamic Development


Personnel Administration Short Course                Dammam, Chamber of            May, 1989

                                                                            Commerce & Industry


Fiscal Management in An Islamic                       Lahore, Pakistan                    October 1-5, 1989

Administrative Framework (International            (Sponsored by Islamic

Seminar on Islamic Administration).                    Development Bank)


Management in Islam: A Lecture  with Dr.          Dammam, Chambeme              December, 1989          Zaghloul R. El-Naggar

                                                                            Of Commerce  

HEALTH Management Seminar                          King Faisal University            April, 1990


Principles of Management and                           Khartoum, Sudan                    May 1990

Leadership in Islam.                                          (Diwan al-Zakah &

                                                                        IDB, Jeddah

Academic Leadership Seminar                             KFUPM                                 May19-23, 1990


Management in Islam. A Lecture                       University of                          May 1991


“Industrial Management: The Japanese

Experience,” Symposium,   Co-Chairman            KFUPM                                 Dec.15-18, 1991


“Organizational Controls and Performance           KFUPM, CIM Bldg24-121     March 1, 1992

Evaluation: An Islamic Perspective,”



Workshop on Educational Perspectives               KFUPM Bldg. 24/120             June 22, 1992

"Critique of Present Educational Systems -

Problems and Solutions



Title of paper and/or Conference                              Place                                   Dates



Public Administration from Islamic                     Tehran, Iran.                          August 1992



Meeting of Experts on                                       Kuala Lumpur,                       May 27-28, 1993

International Islamic University                          Malaysia

Management Center


An Islamic Perspective to Information                Arab Management                 July 6-8, 1993

Technology: Management Implications,"              Conference, University of

                                                                        Bradford, U.K.


Effective Teaching                                              KFUPM                                December 6-8,1997


Current Issues in Management:                          KFUPM                                October 23, 2000

Negotiations: A short Course (For al-Majdouie


IKIM Conference                                             Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia         Nov. 10-12, 2000


Economic Forum                                               Chamber of Commerce          January 20-22, 2001

                                                                        & Industry, Jeddah


Strategies of Modernizing Arab Economies         Cairo                                     April 17-19, 2001


Project Management Seminar for Gifted             Deanship of Academic           June 16-19, 2001

Students                                                            Development, KFUPM


Conflict Resolution Skills                                    AIM, Sydney, Australia          August 6-8, 2001


Developing High Performance Teams                  AIM, Sydney, Australia          August 9-10,2001


Striving for Excellence in University Teaching     DAD, KFUPM                       August 27-29, 2001

And Learning II


The Fourth Asian Academy of Management       Johor Bharu,

(AAM) Conference                                           Malaysia                                Nov. 10-13, 2001


Managing a Customer Focused Enterprise            AIM, Canberra, Australia      August 26-27,2002


Creating Best Practice                                          AIM, Canberra, Australia      August 29-30, 2002


How to be an Effective University Teacher        Deanship of Academic           Sept. 07-08, 2002

                                                                        Development, KFUPM


Increasing Effectiveness as a University             Deanship of Academic           Sept. 09-11, 2002

Teacher                                                            Development, KFUPM


International Conference on Good                      Universiti Brunei

Governance: Perspective & Practice                  Darussalam, Brunei                Sept. 28-29, 2002


1st Career Development Conference                   Sheraton, Kuwait                    Nov. 14 – 15, 2002


Islamic Principles in the Management of an         Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia         Jan. 14-15, 2003

Organization: A Focus on Leading


Preservation of Intellectual Rights                      Naif Arab Academy for        Mar. 31–Apr. 02, 2003

                                                                        Security Sciences, Riyadh


Workshop on Critical Thinking                            Deanship of Academic           Sept. 07-10, 2003

                                                                        Development, KFUPM


Office Management as a Career for Motivated     Hafr al-Batin Community        March6, 2004

Students.                                                             College


Students Time Between Organization and           Hafr al-Batin Community         March 7, 2004

Anarchy                                                              College


Current Issues in Management in Islam               Social Club; KFUPM               April 6, 2004


Change Management                                          Multi-Purpose Building            April 17, 2004



Basic Pillars for Human Resources                      Second International                April 19-21, 2004

Management: An Islamic Perspective (with         Mgt. Conf.  CIM/KFUPM

Dr. Dawood Redwan) (in Arabic)


Methods and Techniques of Applying TQM in     Saudi Electricity Company     April 27-29, 2004

Saudi Establishments. With (Redwan, Burney)     Abha, Saudi Arabia


The Art of Dealing with Others                           Given to 10 Officials from       May 15, 2004

                                                                           KFUPM Security Dept.


Surat An-Naml and its Implication for Leaders    Internt’l  Conference V           June 15-17, 2004

And Managers                                                     Queensland University of

                                                                           Technology, Brisbane, AU


Surat An-Naml and its Implication for Muslim                                                          

Leaders and Managers:                                        UM, IIUM, PETRONAS &    June and July 2004

 A Series of Lectures Delivered in Malaysia         An-Nida Society (K.L.,



Value-Based Management: An Islamic                 IKIM, Kuala Lumpur;             July 1-2, 2004

Approach                                                             Malaysia


Developing Communication Skills of Students     DAD, KFUPM                        Sept.4-5, 2004


Active learning to foster Critical Thinking           DAD, KFUPM                         Sept.6, 2004


Using Groups and Students Teams to Promote     DAD, KFUPM                        Sept. 7, 2004



Saudi Human Resourses Fund Preparatory            KFUPM, Multipurpose           January 1-16,2005

Course for Job Seekers in Private Sector                Building


Delivered a lecture,"Cultural Duties of Inter-       Muslim World League               January 15, 2005

National Islamic Organizations,"                         Makkah Al-Mukarramah          4-6 Thulhijjah, 1425


Delivered two Lectures,"Marketing-Mix Manag   IIUM and U of Malaysia        Aug 15 & 22, 2005

Ement:An Islamic Perspective,"


Attended a short course on "Basics of WebCT,"    DAD, KFUPM                       April 3&5, 2006


Attended a short course on "Effective People         AIM, Sydney, Australia           June 26-28,2006



Attended a short course on "Professional                AIM, Sydney, Australia           June29-30, 2006.



Delivered a series of Lectures and Seminars @      Gold Coast, and Sydney;           June & July 2006

Bond University and Gold Coast Islamic                 Australia

Community Centers on Marketing: An Islamic













1)                  Chairman, Management Development Program at the College of Industrial

            Management,  (1982 – 1990).

2)         Manager, KFUPM Basketball Team 1984-1988.

3)         Summer Coordinator, College of Industrial Management, KFUPM, summer 1990.

4)         Advisor, MBA Students 1991 - Present.

5)         Advisor, Undergraduate Students 1982-1990

6)         Manager, Unit of Economic Studies, Center for Economics & Management Systems, Research Institute, KFUPM, 1998-2000

7)         Director, Center for Economics & Management Systems, Research Institute, 2000-2004




            (1)  RESEARCH INSTITUTE


1)   Research Institute Communication Panel                              Member

2)   Research Institute Council                                                   Member

3)   Research Institute Policy & Planning Committee                   Member

4)   Research Institute Personnel Committee                               Member

5)   Applied Research Advisory Committee                                 Member

6)   Time Management System                                                   Chairman

7)   Team Performance Incentive Award Committee                   Member

8)   Evaluation Sub-Committee                                                   Member

9)   Establishing a Center for Petroleum Studies                          Member

10) Business Consultancy Committee                                         Member


            (2)  DEPARTMENT


1)   Planning & Curriculum Development Committee                   Chairman

2)   Coop Evaluation Committee                                                 Chairman

3)   Faculty Screening Committee                                               Member

4)   Faculty Screening Committee                                               Member

5)   Textbook Committee                                                           Chairman

6)   Computer Utilization Committee                                           Member

7)   Candidacy Review Committee                                             Chairman

8)   MBA Program outside KFUPM                                           Member

9)   Faculty Screening Committee                                               Member

            (3)  COLLEGE


1)   Management Development Committee                                 Chairman

2)   Graduate Admissions Committee                                          Member

3)   Faculty Screening Committee                                               Member

4)   Graduate Admissions Committee                                          Member

5)   Library Committee                                                              Chairman

6)   Faculty Screening Committee                                               Member

7)   AACSB General Information and                                         Chairman

      Mission Statement Sub-Committee

8)    Rules & Regulations of the Coop Program at CIM                Chairman


            (4)  UNIVERSITY


1)      Faculty Professional Development Program                       Chairman


2)      Academic Advising Committee                                         Member

3)      Second Saudi Culture Week                                              Member

         for Saudi Universities                                                       

4)      KACST Research Review Committee                               Member

5)      Scientific and Cultural Research Committee                       Chairman

6)      Master of Public Works Management                                Member

7)      Continuing Education and                                                  Member

         Educational Services Committee

8)      Continuing Education and                                                  Member

         Educational Services Committee

9)      Student Evaluation of Faculty                                            Member

10)    First Cultural Week                                                          Member

11)    University Scientific Council Committee                             Member

12)    Member Islamic Studies Committee                                   Member

13)    National Plan for Training                                                 Member

14)    Promotion Committees                                                      Chairman

15)    Evening Program Committee                                             Member

16)    KACST Review Committee                                              Chairman

17)    Excellence in Research                                                     Member

18)    Areas of Excellence Committee                                        Member

19)    T.V. Channels Committee                                                 Member

20)    Professional Ethics                                                           Member

21)    Developing Resources for the Management                       Member

         Conference 2004

22)    Teaching in Excellence Committee                                    Member


23)     Publicity and Promotion of Short Courses                          Member


24)     Islamic Affairs Committee                                                 Member


25)    AD-HOC Committee to Review Procedures for                   Chairman

          University Employees Service Awards


26)     Enhancing Faculty, Students, and Staff Motivation             Member              





*          Coordinator, Summer Term, College of Industrial Management      1994-95


*          Coordinator, Summer Term College of Industrial Management                 1993-94


*          A Referee of various major research proposals from King                       Fall 1986-

            Abdulziz  University, Jeddah.                                                                  Present


*          A Member of a Committee for MS Degree from the                               Spring 1986

            College of Environmental Design.


*          A Supervisor of Five Coop Reports at                                                     1982-85

            College of Industrial Management.


*          A member in Committees of Five Submitted Coop Reports.                     1984-85


*          A Referee of various Articles and Research Papers from                        1983-Present

            K.S.U., K.A.U., K.F.U. (Dammam) and KFUPM


*          An Author of two pamphlets for Management                                         1982-85

            Development Program in Arabic.


*           Reviewed Many Research papers and PhDs and Masters Thesis in sister    1985-Present

             Universities in the Kingdom.




1.         A member of an international task force which consists of four scholars from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nigeria and Malaysia to study the feasibility of establishing an International Center for Islamic Management from 1987-1990, (Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah).


2.         Member of a Committee to review King Fahd University School's Regulations (1410/1990).


3.         Recorded 15 programs in Saudi Broadcasting under the title: A Viewpoint and broadcasted in 1408/1988.


4.         Delivered working paper on "Public Relations" in the Emirate Complex of the Eastern Province as an invited guest speaker, 1408/1988.


5.         Co-Chairman of the Sessions in: Industrial Management - Japanese Experience 15-18 December 1991, held at KFUPM.


6.         Gave a seminar with Prof. Maududur Rahman "Organizational Controls and Performance Evaluation: An Islamic Perspective," Sunday March 1, 1992 from 2-3.15 p.m. bldg. 24-121, KFUPM.


7.         A Member of the Board of Directors of the Manarah Schools in the Eastern Province from 1985-1990.


8.         Member of the Advisory Board of IIUM Journal of Economics & Management.


9.         Member of Board of Trustee, Hadramout University for Science & Technology, Mukalla, Yemen (since 05-09-1418H)


10.     One of 13 member national  delegates headed by our Rector Dr. Khaled Al-Sultan to visit Yemeni universities during  May 22-27, 2004.






I coordinated and participated in so many short courses since 1982.  The following is a partial list that shows a sample of short courses participation: (Others are listed in (Part VI, B) Above.


1)         Certified Management Accounting Exam.                                   9-27 April 1994

            Review-2, Coordinator: Dr. Mohammad Ali Mirghani.


2)         How to Conduct Effective Performance Evaluation                     6-19 Nov. 1993

            Coordinator:  Dr. Khaled Ben Bakr.


3)         Managing Work Stress                                                              24-16 April 1993

            Coordinator: Dr. Khaled Ben Bakr


4)         Management Skills for Librarians                                               December 1992

            Coordinator: Dr. M. Saleh Ashoor


5.         Organization Behavior for Security,                                            October-November, 1992

            (Repeated 3 times) KFUPM

            Coordinator: Dr. Muhammad A. Al-Buraey


6)         Effective SCECO Supervision Course                                        12-16 October 1991

            Coordinator: Dr. Mohammad I. At-Twaijri

            (Offered twice)


7)         Productive Management Seminar (Jubail)                                   5-16 May 1990

            Coordinator: Dr. K. BuBushait


8)          Many, Many Short courses Offered by me or                                1990-2005

              Participated in as a lecturer


9)          Developing Managerial Skills                                                       18 November, 2006

              Scitec, Khobar


10)          Ability to Have High Ethical Values and Standards                       5 December, 2006

              (Leadership Seminar);  Saudi Bin Laden Group, Jeddah                











I served as a member and a chairman of various promotional committees for candidates to Associate Professor rank in this University, the Research Institute and other sister Universities in the kingdom:


1)         4 candidates from College of Industrial Management, KFUPM, 1989-1994.


2)         1 candidate from College of Environmental Design, KFUPM, Feb. 1994.


3)         4 candidates from King Faisal University, 1993-2002


4)         3 candidates from King Saud University, College of Administrative Sciences, 1992-94


5)         1 candidate from Technical College, Dammam, 1989.


6)         1 candidate from Research Institute, 1998-1999.


7)         1 candidate from Islamic & Arabic Studies department, College of Sciences, 2003.


8)         1 candidate to Full Professorial Rank from al-Qaseem University, 2006








A.        Pedagogical Philosophy

As an instructor, I care very much about the well being of my students and attempt to inspire them, while maintaining a healthy sense of humor in the classroom.  The student evaluations and comments are witness to this proclamation. Course design is both exciting and frustrating because it forces one's overall philosophy and objectives to come face to face with the reality of available teaching materials.  My objectives are quite straightforward.  I have designed my graduate, and undergraduate, courses to force students to integrate and possibly simplify the functional knowledge and skills that they have acquired in their basic courses, and to develop their competence in the solution of "real world" general management problems.  My preferred method of integrating a concept into the course is to have the students spontaneously "develop" it during a class discussion.  I would then formalize it with a reading or perhaps a 10-15 minute "mini lecture" at the end of class.  I would reinforce the idea through re-use in subsequent classes.  I find this approach is more exciting for students, and hence more effective, than lecturing and  formally teaching a concept and then using a case to "demonstrate" it.  I use my class exclusively for discussion, as well as group presentations and group work and written reports so that the whole class will be involved in repetitive preparation and debate, to develop their skills and to deeply embed the concepts. This is specially true for my graduate courses which I taught more than undergraduates. I normaly use the concept of "Andragogy", which heavily relies on the student’s participation, contribution to discussion, and requires them to prepare the material and cases in advance.  This method persuades and motivates students to think independently, express opinion and stand on their own feet share experiences and ideas rather than rely totally on the professor.


Most of my students (graduate as well as undergraduate) appreciate this approach, along with my sympathetic fashion and teaching strategy and have confessed to its effectiveness by various means, such as letters, and comments (see Teaching Evaluations and Students Comments sections).  They often admitted that my style has been very effective in motivating them to accomplish a great deal and reach the established goals and objectives they put for themselves.. 


B.                 Strategy for Teaching Management:


In my teaching endeavour, I have often exercised innovativeness, creativity and utilized the most recent and up-to-date material and technology. I developed effectiveness and efficiency in the development and use of innovative methods in teaching such as computer aided instruction. I developed guidance and leadership in student activities inside and outside the classroom. I gave so many lectures to student rovers and student social clubs in their activities room. I have developed and adopted the Power Point Presentation and The Remote Teaching (internet, blackboard and WebCT) methods for Management courses I taught.. These methods utilize the interaction and participation among the students and between students and instructor.  I iintegrated video tapes and short films into the management curriculum at both levels: graduate and undergraduate. This integration enriches students' understanding of management as well as providing them an opportunity to see how a business works in the real world.  I utilized outside reading from current periodical journals and news papers to enhance classroom discussion and update students on the subject matters.  I adopted up-to-date textbooks for graduate and undergraduate courses that give students the opportunities to develop skills, knowledge, and experience in using managerial decision making models. Using end of chapter short cases, discussion questions in all management courses to insure that the concepts and methods are understood. I normally carry the normal teaching load; and even when I assumed administrative assignments (Chairman of MDP (1982-90); manager of a unit and director of CEMS at RI (1998-2004) I did not leave teaching at all. Finally, I normally invite top nauch business people to be guest speakers in my classes at both levels.


I took almost every short courses offered by Deanship of Academic Development (DAD) in the area of good teaching and critical thinking as well as good valuation as a critical part of good teaching.    I am proud to mention that I tried to incorporate everything I learned in my classes the same semester or the next one. Not only that, but I also took so many computer courses to help.


C.        Teaching Preferences


During my academic career, I have taught many basic and advanced management courses at graduate and undergraduate levels.  In the last six years, I taught management courses at both levels once a year because of administrative assignment in the Research Institute. My teaching interests in the future will most likely remain focussed on all management courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels.




Teaching Activities


My teaching activities covered management courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels. My teaching at the undergraduate, graduate and various coaching seminars has adhered to high standards of pedagogy providing an up-to-date education for students.  The list  of courses taught and dates; number of students are  stated in pages (   ) in the resume; it provides more information about my teaching activities.




I received good ratings from the students and excellent complimentary comments about my way of teaching and interest in students.  (Course evaluations are provided upon a written request.).




·        I have developed and adopted the Power Point Presentation and The Remote Teaching (internet and first class) methods. These methods utilize the interaction and participation among the students and between students and instructor.

·        I have used in the past Black Board as a method of communicating with student.  Now I am shifting to WebCT and took a couple of short course and seminar on it.

·        Below is a comprehensive list of all Courses taught at the Graduate and Undergraduate levels












Term   Semester                           Course # and Title                                             No. of



762       Spring 1977                         GS 216.03 "Arabic Speech"                                      25


762       Spring 1977                         GS 216.06 "Arabic Speech"                                      18


763       Summer 1977                      GS 221.02 "Principles of Sociology"                          36


771       Fall 1977-78                        GS 216.02 "Arabic Speech"                                     24


771       Fall 1977-78                        GS 216.01 "Arabic Speech"                                     27


772       Spring 1978                         OB 401 "Personnel Management"                            12


773       Summer 1978                      MKT 301.02 "Introduction to Marketing"                  13


812       Spring 1982                         MGT 301 "Principle of Management"                       30


823       Summer 1983                      MGT 525 "Human Resources Management"             13


831       Fall 1983-84                        OB 492 "SP Topics Organization Behavior                01

841       Fall 1983-84                        OB 401.02 "Personal Management"                          26


842       Spring 1985                         OB 401.01 "Personal Management"                          23


843       Summer 1985                      MGT 301.01 "Principles of Management"                 24


851       Fall 1985-86                        OB 401.01 "Personnel Management"                       11


852       Spring 1986                         OB 401.01 "Personnel Management"                        17


861       Fall 1986-87                        MGT 401.01 "Personnel Management"                     10


862       Spring 1987                         MGT 401.01 "Personnel Management"                     07


863       Summer 1987                      MGT 301.01 "Principles of Management"                 27


871       Fall 1988                             MHT 301.03 "Principles of Management"                 22


872       Spring 1988                         MGT 301.03 "Principles of Management"                 33


873       Summer 1988                      MGT 401.01 "Personnel Management"                     26


881       Fall 1988-89                        MGT 301.03 "Principles of Management"                 25


882       Spring 1989                         MGT 301.03 "Principles of Management"                 35


891       Fall 1989-90                        MGT 301.03 "Principles of Management"                 26


Term   Semester                           Course # and Title                                             No. of




892       Spring 1990                         MGT 301.03 "Principles of Management"                 34


893       Summer 1990                      MGT 301.01 "Principles of Management"                 33


911       Fall 1991-92                        MGT 301.02 "Principles of Management"                 28


911       Fall 1991-92                        MGT 301.03 "Principles of Management"                 10


912       Spring 1992                         MGT 301.01 "Principles of Management"                 34


912       Spring 1992                         MGT 301.02 "Principles of Management"                 40


913       Summer 1992                      MGT 301.01 "Principles of Management"                 36


913       Summer 1992                      MGT 301.02 "Principles of Management"                 36


921       Fall 1992-93                        MGT 301.01 "Principles of Management"                 35


921       Fall 1992-93                        MGT 301.02 "Principles of Management"                 26


922       Spring 1993                         MGT 301.02 "Principles of Management"                 27


922       Spring 1993                         MGT 301.01 "Principles of Management"                 38


923       Summer 1993                      MGT 301.01 "Principles of Management"                 32


923       Summer 1993                      MGT 301.02 "Principles of Management"                 26


931       Fall 1993-94                        MGT 301.03 "Principles of Management"                 39


931       Fall 1993-94                        MGT 501.01 "Principles of Management"                14


932       Spring 1994                         MGT 301.03 "Principles of Management"                 29


932       Spring 1994                         MGT 501.01 "Principles of Management"                 10


933       Summer                              MGT 301.(2 Sections)                                             56

                                                      “Principles of Management”


941       Fall 1994-95                        MGT 301 (1 Section)                                               39

                                                      “Principles of Management”


941       Fall                                     MGT 410.01  “ Organization Behavior”                    39


942       Spring 1995                         MGT 301 (3 Sections)                                             125

                                                      “ Principles of Management”


943       Summer 1995                      MGT 301.01 “Principles of Management”                 40


Term   Semester                           Course # and Title                                             No. of




951       Fall 1995-96                        MGT 410.01 “Organization Behavior”                      12


951       Fall                                     MGT 301.01 “Principles of Management”                 36


952       Spring 1996                         MGT 301 (3 Sections)                                             113

                                                      “Principles of Management”


961       Fall 1996-97                        MGT 301 (2 Sections)                                             80

                                                      “Principles of Management”


962       Spring 1996                         MGT 301 (3 Sections)                                             125

                                                      “Principles of Management”


962       Spring                                 MGT 592 Independent/Reading/Research                 1


971       Fall 1996-97                        MGT 449.01 “Business Policy”                                51


971       Fall                                     MGT 501.01 “Principles of Management”                 18


972       Spring 1997                         MGT 449.01 “Business Policy”                                76


972       Spring                                 MGT 405.01 “Compensation/Benefit Mgt.”               12


972       Spring                                 MGT 592.02 “Indep Reading/Research”                   01


981       Fall 1998-99                        MGT 520.01 “Organizational Theory”                       18


981       Fall                                     MGT 501.01 “Principles of Management”                 36


982       Spring                                 MGT 425.01 “Organization Changes and Dev.”             37


991       Fall 1999                             MGT 449  (2 Sections) “Business Policy”                 100


992       Spring 1999                         MGT 405.01 “Compensation/Benefit Mgt.”               14


992       Spring 1999                         MGT 592.02 “Indep Reading/Research”                   01


001       Fall 2000                             MGT 520 “Organizational Theory”                           25


011       Fall 2001                             MGT 501 “Principles of Management”                     26


012       Spring 2001                         MGT 592 “Indep. Reading/Research”                      01


021       Fall 2002                             MGT 501 “Principles of Management”                     22


032       Spring 2003                         MGT 301 “Principles of Management”                     32


041       Fall 2004                             MGT 501 “Principles of Management"                       66


041       Fall 2004                             MGT511  “Organization Theory and Design"              40


052       Spring 2006                         MGT 301.02   "Principles of Management"                48


052       Spring 2006                         MGT 301.03    "Principles of Management"              49 


061       Fall 2006                              MGT 501.01   "Principles of Management"              30                                        


061       Fall 2006                              MGT 501.02    "Principles of Management"            21   


062       Spring 2007                          MGT 301.01    "Principles of Management"  


062       Spring 2007                           MGT 301.02    "Principles of Management"







A.        Since 1982 to Present, I have supervised as a Chairmen and a member about 30 Coop Work Projects.  A sample of some selected listings of Coop Program Reports is provided below.



No.       Topic                                                          Student                                  Date



1.         Saudi Vegetable Oil & Ghee                        Hayel M. Ibrahim                   April, 1994

            Company  (SAVOLA) Comparative             (875067)

            Study between Afia and Mazola



2.         Employee Attitude Toward the                     Hasan A. Al-Shammari          Nov. 1993

            Effectiveness of Training                             (863714)

            Programs & the Employee's

            Performance Appraisal in Jeddah

            Oil Refinery Company (JORC).


3.         Work Stress in ARAMCO Material              Omar A. Bu-Subait                Nov. 1993

            Control Department                                     (871354)


4.         Effect of Managerial Power on                    Abdulrahman A.                     Aug. 1993

            Employee's Job Satisfaction                         Bu-Subait



5.         Recruitment in Saudi ARAMCO                  Muhammad A.Al-Dakheel      June 1993

            (Remote Locations)                                     (862315)


6.         How to Motivate Saudi ARAMCO               Saad al-Qahtani                      Dec. 1992

            Employees.                                                 (861846)


7.         Employee's Job Satisfaction                         Khaled S. Al-Hajri                  Sept.1992

            in Saudi ARAMCO.                                    (857813



B.         As an example of the number of advisees- in one semester- I had under my supervision the following students (932) as my Coop Advisees:


            1)         873580              Al-Masri, Yaser

            2)         874908              Al-Amoudi, Abdullah Ahmad

            3)         880924              Mira, Salah Abdul-Latif

            4)         883625              Al-Ghamdi, Ahmad Masoud

            5)         884083              Al-Dabbagh, Ihab M. Taher

            6)         886593              Al-Ibrahim, Osama Kheder









A)        MBA STUDENTS ADVISOR:  1991 - 1998


16-25 MBA students are my advisees during pre-registration and registration periods.


941 List of MBA students (A Sample):


            Students ID #                Name



            765340                          Al-Subaii, Fahed Abdul-Hadi Jendan

            766530                          Al-Jaman, Muhammad Yousef

            772320                          Al-Dosari, Naser Saad

            795807                          Safrah, Jamil Jamil Uthman

            846852                          Abu-Lehyah, Sulaiman Ayesh Abdul-Hadi

            854085                          Abu-Mazyad, Nabil Salim Muhammad

            856234                          Olagi, Muhammad Said Salem

            858420                          Abdul-Hamid, Muhammad Baha Abdul-Hamid Nabhan

            860324                          Al-Lahabi, Nuaman Muhammad

            860916                          Al-Huraish,Furaih Fahad Abdullah

            910416                          El-Khouly, Muhammad Ibrahim

            910419                          Al-Muammar, Abdallah Abdulrahman

            910526                          Al-Haddad, Mohammad Husain  Hamed

            910538                          Al-Subaiey, Muhammad Abdallah Ali

            910563                          Bhardwaj, Vyakarnam Anil

            920472                          Al-Garni, Saad Farhan Saad




1982-1990                                                                                                                                                                  Undergraduate Students Advisor for a group of 20-25 students each semester during pre-registration and registration periods.



XIV.         CITATIONS OF MY WORK;  A Partial List:


(I could not be comprehensive on this item since I Management and Social Sciences it is next to impossible to have all citation in the absence of citations index in as in Science and Engineering. This list was prepared when applying for promotion to professorial rank. No entries are added ever since).


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