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Dr. Khaled Ahmed Bubshait

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Participation in Short Courses
  1. Project Management Seminar

  2. Claim Management Seminar

  3. Basic Supervision

  4. Procurement and Inventory Control

  5. Middle Management

  6. Contract Project Management in R&D

Public Lectures
  1. BuBshait, K. A. "Successful Business with TQM", Forum of Qatari Engineers, Doha,Qatar, 27 September, 1994.

  2. BuBshait, K. A. "Successful Implementation of Total Quality Management in Culturally Diverse Workforce Environment", SCECO East, Dammam, May 1995.

  3. BuBshait, K. A., "Human Resource Development in Saudi Arabia", paper presented at the ASHRM Seminar, held at the Meridian Hotel, Al-Khobar, on June 21, 1995.

  4. BuBshait, K. A., "The Role of Human Resources Management in TQM", Research Institute, KFUPM, Oct. 30, 1995.

  5. BuBshait, K. A., "Business Process Reengineering:  Application to Maintenance Industry, AACE, Arabian Gulf Section, May 5, 1996.

  6. BuBshait, K. A., "How Can Human Resource Professionals Contribute to Innovation and Change Process?” Speaker at the ASHRM Annual Conf. & Exhibit, Bahrain, June 5 & 6, 1996.

  7. BuBshait, K. A., “The Industrial Need for Research Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.  Speaker at a Seminar organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Jeddah, Mar. 12, 1997.

  8. BuBshait, K. A."Safety Performance Measurement and Data Analysis", presented at the 2nd International Conference on Loss Prevention and Safety, The Bahrain Society of Engineers, Bahrain, October 16-18, 1995

  9. BuBshait, K. A., "The Experience of Small and Medium Enterprises in Saudi Arabia.” Lecture delivered to TCDC Regional Seminar on the Assessment of the Role of Business Incubators in Economic Development, Sept. 11-13, 1996, Beirut, Lebanon.

  10. BuBshait, K. A., "Measuring the Readiness of Human Resource Management Function towards Innovation and Change Process”. Lecture delivered to the 25th IFTDO World Conference & Exhibition, November 4-7, 1996, Cairo, Egypt.

  11. BuBshait, K. A., "The Need of Industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for R&D”, presented at the one-day Seminar on R&D for the Support of Industries in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, March 03, 1997.

  12. BuBshait, K. A., "Marketing of the R&D Outputs in the Arab Countries - The KFUPM/RI Experience”, Conference of the Arab Organization for Science and Education, Tripoli, Libya, March 21-25, 1998.

  13. BuBshait, K. A., “Development of Business Incubator in Saudi Arabia – Reasons & Importance, Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Riyadh, 6th November 2001.

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