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Information Resources Management?


Led by

Dr. Haidar Fraihat




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Information technology (IT)-computers and telecommunications- is having the kind of revolutionary restructuring impact that has been expected and touted for years. The rapid advances in the speed and capacity of computing devices, coupled with the pervasiveness of the internet, digital storage, wireless, and portable devices and multimedia content, are causing major changes in the way managers run and manage organizations.


This interactive one-day seminar is designed to provide target audience with skills in managing all aspects of Information Technology utilization in the modern-day organization. It focuses on planning for IT, managing operations, organizing IT architecture, staffing for IT, as well as maintaining control through via IT. In other words, the seminar will focus on sharpening the skills of the modern manager who deals with IT and makes IT decisions on daily basis.


The seminar will provide extensive overview of the topics through lecturing, dialogue, case analysis, and hands-on work. Selected IT software will be introduced in the areas of planning and managing IT resources.


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           Target Audience:

           Managers who are responsible for their firm's IT implementation

           Managers who are responsible for running the daily IT operations of the organization

           CIO's responsible for strategic planning and who consider IT as a source of gaining competitive advantage for their organizations.

           Managers who are involved in purchasing IT solutions

           Auditors who are responsible for maintaining control through utilization of IT


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At the end of this seminar participants will be able to:

     Understand the importance of IT management

     Understand the CIO's responsibilities

      Appreciate the strategic use of information technology

     Master the skills in IT planning

     Adopt best approach to manage telecommunications and the internet

     Assess the best ways to hire and develop IT staff

     Use IT for managerial decision making

     Deal with the future challenges of IT management


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           Training Methodology:

The seminar will be conducted in a workshop style along with discussing real world cases and examples that cover the seminar topics. Part of the work will be conducted in the computer lab where several IT tools for managers will be covered where hands-on work will be conducted.


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             Nature and importance of IT management

             The CIO's responsibilities

             The strategic use of information technology

             IT planning

             Managing telecommunications and the internet

             Managing knowledge workers

             Use IT for managerial decision making

             Future challenges of IT management

             Lab session


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