Enterprise Information Portals (EIPs)








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 E-Commerce: Enterprise Information Portals (EIPs)


 3 days

Start Date

 April 18, 2002


 8:00 AM-4:00 PM




 Mr. Mustafa F. Ahmed



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 Tel. 860-2657/1091  Fax 860-3489

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 SR. 2000


 1 Mr. Mustafa F. Ahmed 2 Mr. Mohammed Islam (Geust)



The following topics will be covered: 1) Enterprise Information Portals (EIP)  2) Igniting demand for B2B exchanges in the enterprise  3) Changing the way organizations deploy intranets and extranets  4) Today's e-business initiatives that enable companies to gain new internal efficiencies, broaden markets, and leverage supply chains  5) The result of an ever-increasing amount of information  6) Leverage of this new economy across organization—and out to business partners, suppliers, distributors and customers—for better, faster decision making  7) Leverage of vast amount of information generated or gathered by an organization to close the gap between opportunity recognition, optimal decision making, and rapid execution  8) Benefits of deploying an enterprise information portal such as improved information distribution  9) Operational efficiency, partner interactions, optimizing sales efficiency and market share  10) Discover industry leading EIPs  11) Discover the key benefits of deploying an enterprise information portal



CEOs, Managing Directors, IT Directors, IT Managers, Enterprise Strategy Planners, Managers of Internet Applications and CTOs who need to understand the fundamentals in Enterprise Information Portals (EIPs) will get the background and detail they need to make sound decisions adopting these technologies.