In House Training







1 .  Dr. Salem Al-Ghamdi






Business Negotiation Skills





  • The art of negotiation
  • Characteristics of negotiations
  • Preparing for negotiations
  • Conducting Negotiations
  • Closing negotiations





2.  Dr. Abdulbasit Andijani




Balanced Scorecard Systems in Enhancing Business Strategy Implementation


  • Build the necessary skills to manage projects faster, more efficiently and more predictably
  • How to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • To manage conflict effectively
  • Learn the latest features and capabilities of MS Project
  • Learn the importance of teamwork and successful project planning
  • Improve your skills in identifying and resolving the pitfalls to successful project completion
  • Achieve a competitive edge in managing your projects successfully
  • To Introduce OPM3



3.   Dr. Mustapha M. Achoui


Human Resources Management


1- To help managers to develop a corporation Human Resources Management strategy.

2-  To be familiar with major issues in Human Resources Management such as:

 a) Job analysis.

b) Recruitment & selection.

c) Training & development

d) Performance evaluation 



4.  Dr. Amine Nehari Talet




Business Applications of Information Systems




  • A survey of MIS concepts
  • Information systems for operational, tactical, and strategic management in the various functions of an organization
  • Overview of end-user computing






Dr. Ahmad A. Abu-Musa


Dr. Jassim Al-Rumaihi





Financial Statements Analysis



§          This course intends to introduce and employ the various financial analysis techniques that could be used to analyze the financial statements of firms and to evaluate their performance and financial positions. This course intends to improve your ability, skills and experience in using the modern financial techniques and analytical tools



6.  Dr Saleh Daffuaa



Maintenance Planning & Control


  • Maintenance organization
  • Maintenance strategy
  • Forecasting maintenance work
  • Maintenance capacity planning
  • Component replacement decision models
  • Maintenance measurement and standards
  • Scheduling of maintenance
  • Maintenance material control
  • Quality of maintenance jobs
  • Maintenance productivity
  • Maintenance audit
  • Maintenance management information systems



8.  Dr. Mohamed-Said Oukil





Technology Management







  • Persuade top managers to pay urgent attention to the issue
  • Persuade them to think global
  • Make them learn… about performance and excellence



9.  Dr. Haidar M. Fraihat












Information Resources Management












  • Theories and practices in the management of organizational system resources
  • Frameworks for the introduction, evolution, and assimilation of information systems into the organization.
  • Roles of IT and roles of people using, developing, and managing systems. Global concepts of IT.
  • Global concepts of IT
  • Societal and ethical issues related to IS design and use.









10 . Dr. Obaid Saad Alabdali






Customer Care


  • The course is designed to enhance personal confidence when responding to customer needs. It also aims to develop interpersonal skills when dealing with internal and external customers.



11. Dr. Mohamed Ben Daya












Supply Chain Management













  • Introduction to supply chain systems                     
  • The Logistic Network: Design and Planning
  • Managing Inventory in the Supply Chain 
  • Supply chain systems and multi-echelon inventories  
  • Vendor managed inventories (VMI)            
  • Distortion of demand information within a
  • supply chain: the bull whip effect                       
  • The Computerized Beer Game                       
  • Delayed differentiation                                           
  • Strategic Alliances and Outsourcing              
  • E-commerce and supply chain systems








  12. Dr. Bassam Hamdan






Enhancing Performance of Saudi Commercial Banks (Arabic)



  • Characteristics of the Saudi Banking Industry
  • Evaluation of the Saudi Commercial Banks Performance
  • Current Forces of Change in the Saudi Banking Industry
  • SWOT Analysis in the Saudi Banking Industry



Dr. Abraham Abraham

 13 -

     Dr. Fazal J. Seyyed, CFA









Financial Planning & Control Techniques











  • Overview of financial management
  • Understanding financial statements and estimating cash flows for financial decisions
  • Discounted cash flow concepts and  applications
  • Capital budgeting techniques for project evaluation
  • Estimating the firm’s cost of capital



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