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Business Applications of 
Information Systems



Led by

Dr. Amine Nehari Talet



§         Introduction

§         Target Audience

§         Objectives

§         Training Methodology

§         Seminar Outline

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One of the roles associated with the job of manager involves taking decisions. The scope can vary, depending on the manager’s position within the Organization. To complete this task, the decision maker is actively searching for information in order to solve problems or to know and understand what is happening. Computers have been used to implement information systems to support the management function.


This Seminar will provide a real-world understanding of Information systems for business, and offer the right balance of technical information and real world application.


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·    Target Audience:


§         Tactical Management ,

§         Operational Management

§           Managers from different Department (Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing)


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·    Objectives:


At the end of this Seminar participants will be able to:

§           Be aware of the benefits of using each type of information systems (who uses them, how they are used.)

§           Understand the seven value added processes in the Supply Chain management and recognize the role of information system within them

§           Learn that the Business application of Information system  provide high quality, timely, complete and relevant information For effective decision making,

§           learns how to make the best use of the information systems   in-order   to receive useful information to improves planning and decision making

§           Recognize that implementing an advanced type of Information System is a difficult process and that many technical and operational problems have to be overcome

§           Understand the strategic  impact of information system and emerging technologies on organizations

§           Be aware of the support of information systems in decision making


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·    Training Methodology:

The seminar will be handled along workshop principles with formal lectures, case studies and interactive worked examples.  Relevant case studies will be provided to illustrate the application of each tool in an operations environment.  Each learning point will be followed by practical exercises


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1.      An overview of  information Systems

a.      Information concepts

b.      Characteristics of valuable information

c.      Information systems


2.      Organizations and information systems

a.      Organization structure

b.      Organizational Culture and change  through the implementation of  information systems

c.      Competitive advantage

d.      Performance-based Information Systems


3.      Business Information Systems

a.      An Overview of Transaction Processing Systems

b.      Decision Making and Problem Solving

c.      An Overview of Management Information Systems and its functional Aspects (a Marketing Management Information systems, Other Management Information systems..)

d.      An Overview of Decision Support Systems.

e.      The Executive Support System.



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