CUSTOMER CARE  (Customer for life)

                                                    Short Course



Customers pay our salaries

Customers are the most important visitors on our premises

Customers are not dependent on us; we are dependent on them.

Customers are not an interruption of our work; they are the purpose of it.


Customer service is now recognized as a key area in business performance. The customer has become more demanding and goods and services can no longer compete merely on the basis of price. The way that an organization approaches and treats its customers is crucial to its success.

Customer service is not just about a smiling face from front line staff, but about delivering the goods, demonstrating integrity and reliability and exceeding customer expectations.

This short course gives all participants an introduction to the skills required for good customer care. The course helps you to explore and develop communication skills to create an excellent "first impression", to your customers.


Course aims:

The course is designed to enhance personal confidence when responding to customer needs.  It also aims to develop interpersonal skills when dealing with internal and external customers.

Who should attend

Anyone employed within the public or private sector industries wishing to improve their interpersonal and customer care skills should attend. Among the companies most likely to benefit are:

Airlines, business to business pproducts and sservices, financial services, consumer product and services, health care, retail, travel and hospitality, government agency, public transportation, manufacturing, insurance companies, and others

Benefits of attending

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:


        Explain the benefits of good customer care

        Identify who their external and internal customers are

        Understand how needs and expectations affect customer satisfaction

        Use effective communication skills when dealing with customers

        Choose the right staff to deal with customers

        Identify areas for improvement within their own working environment

        Effectively handle difficult customers

        Effectively meet client expectations

 Programme Content

       Introduction to marketing

      Relationship marketing

      Database marketing

      Internal and external customers

      Core and current customers

      The concept of a customer portfolio

      The principles of a customer- focused environment

      Understanding customer expectations and needs

      Developing a professional approach

      The interpersonal skills of good customer service

      Learning the most appropriate behavior in different situations

      Projecting the right attitude, approach and appearance

      Dealing with complaints and difficult situations confidently and efficiently

      Hiring, selecting, training and motivating your staff.

      Maintaining reliable customer service

      Communicating with customers

      Developing good relationships with customers

      Solving problems on behalf of customers

      Initiating and evaluating change to improve service to customers

      Using the Internet to improve customer services

      Other topics


Language: The medium of instruction will be English



 Time:  8:00 AM to 4:00PM

 Cost:     SR 3000

 Location:    KFUPM   Building 24 Auditorium 128

 The course is certificated by King Fahd University and all successful participants receive a certificate. 


For more information

 Call course coordinator Dr. Obaid Saad Alabdali

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               CUSTOMER CARE  (Customer for life)

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 Call course coordinator Dr. Obaid Saad Alabdali

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