Principal of Marketing 301 

Summer 973



This class will be taught by Dr. Obaid Saad Alabdali

Management and Marketing department

Office: Building 24  Room 272-1

Tel: 860- 2363



Office hours:

S UMTW   8:00-9:00 AM and 10:30AM 12:00 Noon



You are welcome to see me during my office hours. I will be glad to meet you outside my office hours as long as you let me know in advance by calling me. Of course you can send me an email message any time. I read my mail regularly and respond to your message as  I can.


Course objectives:

Some people define marketing as selling or advertising. It is true that these are parts of marketing. But marketing is much more than selling and advertising. This course will introduce you to the world of marketing.


Participation and Attendance

Class participation does not mean attendance. Points are awarded only for raising questions, providing answers and contributing to meaningful class discussion. Please come to class prepared. Attendance is very important and it is required. It will be very difficult for a student to do very well without attending class. Sleeping, talking with others or doing other course work during class will NOT be tolerated. Please do not come to the class late. If you are late for any reason please do not come to the class. Absence will be easily noticed. Also, I assure you it will be abundantly clear to me and your peers if you come in to class without having prepared.  I expect of a lot of active participation in class discussion. The university role regarding absence will be strictly follow. And after the two unexcused absence there will be  .5 point will be deducted from the final grade..



Q.        I need to get an A+ in this course. Is there anything I can do?

A. Grades are not assigned randomly but are solely based on your overall performance in the course. So if you want to get an A+, it is basically up to you. In other words, if you earn an A+, you will get an A+ in the course. Otherwise, there is nothing anybody can do.


Q.        Is there an extra credit?

A. There may be opportunities to receive extra credit by participating in survey, experiment, etc. Details will be provided if such opportunities arise.

Q.                Is there a curve?


A.                The final grade will be flexible standard. meaning that 58, 68.78.and 87 might be pushed to the next grade. Depend on the overall performance.


Other policies, the course syllabus may be altered and or modified during the semester. Such changes are announced in the class. You are responsible  for these changes. If you miss class, get this information and any handout from a classmate or the instructor. 


Textbook and reading

Essential of Marketing, By McCarthy and Perreault, Seven Edition,1994.


Recommended Reading:

I strongly recommend you to go to the library and read.


Grading and Grades

This semester, your final grade will be based on the following components:


% of Grade

First Major


Second major




Class, presentation participation, homework, quizzes, etc.



Class Rules

On Cheating and Ethics

My level of tolerance for any kind of cheating is extremely low. If I caught anyone cheating or trying to cheat during exam or quizzes, he will automatically get an F in the course. And the matter will be brought to the University attention. During examination, do not even Glance at your neighbor's exam. If you need to stare in order to think or concentrate, stare Only at the ceiling.


On Make- Up Exam and Quizzes

The class policy is NO  rescheduling of exams, quizzes, or late assignment. Since the date are firm, please schedule your study time, trips, parties or other activities accordingly. Genuine and unexpected problems will be discussed in individual cases.


Final Exam to be announced. 




Each of you who does not now have a computer account foe Email will need to get a computer account to learn how to use email. Do not use your brother, friends or anyone else.



We will have several unannounced quizzes during this semester to ensure that all students are faithfully keeping up with reading assignment  and lecture notes. No make up quizzes will be given. If you do not present an approved excuse, you will receive a grade of 0 on that quiz.




Your responsibility is to read this syllabus . It is your guide to policies regarding this course.








Week 1

Sun 28 June

Chapter 1 and 2


Week 2

Sat 4 July

Chapter 3 and 4 and 5


Week 3

Sat 11July

Chapter 6 and 7



Monday 13 July

First major exam : Ch 1-6

Building 10: 7-9PM

Week 4

Sat 18 July

Chapter 8 and 9


Week 5

Sat 25 July

Chapter 10 and 11


Week 6

Sat 1 August

Chapter 12 and 13



Monday 3 August

Second major exam : chapter 7-12

Building 10: 7-9PM

Week 7

Sat 8 August

Chapter 14 and 15 and 16



Thursday 13 August



Week 8

Sat  15 August

Chapter 17 and 18 and 19



17 August

Last day for classes




I wish the very best and work smart