Industrial Marketing   MKT 400

 Syllabus (992)


Course Description/Objectives:

This course is designed to provide you with an introduction to the principles of industrial marketing in contrast to consumer goods marketing. Students are introduced to the scope of industrial marketing including manufacturing, institutional, reseller and government markets. We will show how firms develop marketing strategies to take advantage of opportunities in these unique markets.


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1. Send messages or documents to a specific person in class or send a message to the entire class.

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Class Policy:


A.        Late arrival in the classroom and absence from class represents a failure to meet your responsibilities. Attendance will be taken during the class. Absence from more than two of the class meetings will result in a reduction in grade for each class missed beginning with the third absence. If you are absent from class, you are still responsible for the material covered and any announcements made by me. In other words, each class meeting should be treated as a professional meeting.


B. Any written assignment, which is not submitted at the specified time, will receive a grade of "F".

C. The completion of reading assignments, and the comprehension of material presented in class may also be evaluated through your class participation. Failure to participate may result in a substantial reduction in grade.

D. Written work must be prepared in a professional manner. It is to be clearly written, with proper grammatical construction and correct spelling. All written work must be typed - preferably on a microcomputer. Work, which is not presented in a professional manner, will be returned as unacceptable.


E. Any students caught cheating on exams or other course assignments will immediately receive a grade of "F" for the course. Those who attempt to represent the work of others as their own (plagiarism) will also receive an "F" for the course.  And the matter will be brought to the university attention.


F. If you choose to withdraw from the class, you must do so by the date indicated by the university classes.

E. Make-up exams will be provided if I am given either advance notice of the absence (with a substantive reason). But no make up quizzes or assignments.


Please note that this schedule is based on weeks!



Week Number




Week One


The nature of industrial marketing


Week 2


Understanding industrial marketing


Week 3


The industrial marketing environment


First Major Exam      12 Feb 2000        6-8PM   old building

Week 4

6 Feb-2000

The nature of industrial buying


Week 5

13 Feb 2000

The interpersonal dynamic of industrial buying behavior

12 FEB First Major Exam 6:00 to 8:00PM

Old Building

Week 6

20 Feb 2000

The strategic planning process in industrial marketing


Week 7

27 Feb 2000

Assessing market opportunities


Week 8

5 March 2000

Industrial market segmentation, target marketing, and positioning


                                      Id Al-Adha Vacation 8 to 25 March 2000

Week 9

26 March 2000

Developing product strategy and strategic innovation and new product development






Week 10

2 April 2000

Marketing channel participant and marketing logistics: physical distribution and customer services

April 3, second major exam 6:00 to 8:00PM

Old Building

Second major exam      4 April            6-8PM    old building

Week 11

9 April 2000

Developing the industrial sales force and planning organizing, and controlling the selling function


Week 12

16 April 2000

Managing advertising, sales promotion, and publicity strategy


Week 13

23 April 2000

Price determinants: customers, competition, and cost


Week 14

30 April 2000

Pricing decision analysis


Week 15

7 May

Industrial marketing in the international environment


                                         10 Many 2000     Last day of classes









Grading and Grades

This semester, your final grade will be based on the following components:



% of Grade

First Major


Second major




Case studies, presentation,


Other, class participation, homework, quizzes, email assignment, etc.




Textbook and reading:  Industrial marketing, By Reeder, Brierty and Reeder. Second Edition, 1991


Recommended Reading:

I strongly recommend you to visit the following Internet sites: