Short Courses involved in as instructor.


1.         Selling and customer relationship

             Client: Riyadh Bank (Closed Short Course)

            Date: 18-20 October 1997.

            Place: Riyadh, Hyatt Regency

            Participants:      All Saudi, investment officer except two branch managers. Some of the participants get 20 years working experience.


2.         Effective Sales Force Management

             Topic covered: Recruiting, Selection, Hiring and Sales Training.

            Date:                30 November 1997

            Clients: From different industrial (Consumer, Industrial and Services).

            Place:               King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

            Participants:      3 Saudi British Branch Managers, 11 Sales Managers,

2 Sales Supervisors.

Nationality:                   Two Filipinos, One Jordanian, One philistine, One Indian, and the rest are Saudi


3.         Library Public Relations

Date:               18 November 1998,

Clients: From different public and private libraries in the GCC.

Place                :King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals    


4.         Effective Sales Force Management (second time)


            Topic covered:             Recruiting, Selection, Hiring and Sales Training.

            Date:                            30 November 1998

Clients  :                      From different industrial (Consumer, Industrial and                     Services).

            Place:                           King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


5.         Public Relations, Marketing and Internet on Public Libraries,


            Topic Covered:                        The role of public relation, marketing and internet on public libraries.

            Dates.                                      30 April 2003

            Clients:                         government libraries


Short Courses involved in as instructor and Coordinator


  1. Customer Care (customer for life)


Date:    15-17 November 1999


Clients:  Saudi Telecommunication Company, Saudi British Bank, Jarir bookstore and others.


            Place                :King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals          


  1. Customer Care (customer for life)


Date          13-15 November 2000


Clients:      Saudi Telecommunication Company

                        Saudi British Bank



Place:         King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


  1. Marketing Strategies,


Date: 28 April to 2 May, 2001.


Clients: STC, ASTON, SABIC, Sahara and others

Place: Chamber of commerece and industry, Eastern Provience, Dammam


  1. Personal selling skills,


Date: 6-8 May, 2001

Place: Dar Alyoum Newspaper, Dammam


      5.   Excellent Services


            Date 8-10 February 2003-06-16

            Place, Alkhobar

            Clients: Institute of Banking and Alrajhi Investment Company


  1. Modern Marketing Approaches


Date: 7-9 June 2003

Place   Institute of Banking, Riyadh

Client, Saudi American Bank, Saudi Hollandi Bank, Arab National Bank, Riyadh Bank and National Bank.


I trained more than 600 people from different companies. Some of the  companies are listed below:


1.                  Saudi Telecommunication Company

2.                  Saudi British Bank

3.                  Saudi Aramco

4.                  Hadded Company

5.                  Aston Hospital

6.                  NCCI

7.                  SABIC

8.                  Abdulah Hashem Company

9.                  Sahara

10.              ITISALAT

11.              ALTAYER Travel Agent

12.              RIYAD Bank

13.              MOBIL

14.              PiPCoating

15.              AlRashed Fasteners and Engineering Fabrication Services

16.              United Motors

17.              ALYAUM Newspaper

18.              Albaraka Investement & Development Co.

19.              H A K Group of Companies

20.              Jarir Bookstore

21.              United Arab Shipping Co. (SAG)

22.              AlMajdouie

23.              Rehabilitation Society for disabled Persons

24.              GASSAN Factory

25.              AlFarraj Commercial services Est.

26.              Color Paper Est.

27.              Saudi Factory For Fire Equipment Co.

28.              Jamjoom Foremost

29.              Hail agriculture company

30.              Arab Supply and Trading Corp. (Astra Farms)

31.              Dar AlRiyadh Consultant

32.              Saudi American Bank

33.              Saudi Hollandi Bank

34.              Arab National Bank

35.              National Bank




Courses attended


Course on Strategic Media Planning, conducted by Gallup in Dubai, UAE.   November 27th 29th 1990.


Effective teaching, 23 to 27 Nov 1991, Academic Development Center, KFUPM


        Full time English Language student, 10th October 1986 August 1987. The Bell School of Languages, BATH, UK.