Other activities

Arranging companies visit and inviting guest speakers to the college and to my class.

Organizing many sport and social gathering in the college.

Finding jobs opportunities to our students, especially summer jobs and co-op assignments.

Advising many coop students.

I worked very close with the advertising industry to make student aware of the advertising industry and to find for them opportunities in the industry.

Supervising and helping many students’ activities such as CIM club, Public relations club, and Jawalah groups.

I worked very close with the chamber of commerce, Eastern Province to link the academic with the business practices.

I arranged many students’ visits to companies.

I invited many companies such as Unilever and P&G to bring case studies to my classes

Consultancy, Visiting Professorships


·        Marketing Consultant, Dar Amjad AlSaudiah Holding, Oct 2004 to Dec 2005 Khobar,

·        Marketing Consultant, Saudi Distribution Company, June 2004 to April 2005, Riyadh

·        Consultant, Institute of Arabic Development, 2000 - present

·        Consultant Institute of Health Development, 2000 - present

·        Consultant for Arab Development Institute ion, 2000 - present.

·        Marketing Consultant, Rikaz Rela state company, Oct 1998, Alkhobar

·        Marketing Consultant, Research Institute KFUPM. 1997.

·        Visiting professor; Institute of Public Administration, Dammam, September to December 1997 and 1998.

·        Visiting professor; Institute of Industrial Management and Information Technology. Dhahran, January- June 1998.

·        Visiting fellow, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, July – September 1997.

·        Visiting professor; Institute of Public Administration, Dammam, , January to June 2001