Outside the University:

         Advertising committee, Eastern Province, Chamber of Commerce, Eastern Province    1997. 

Gulf Cooperation Council Advertising Association Internship Committee (GCCAAIC) Jeddah, 1998. 

Export Award committee, Chamber of Commerce, Eastern Province, 1999

 University Level

        The Library Affair Committee (Chairman) 99/2000

        Fund raising committee for the library, (Chairman), 2000

        The Acquisition  Committee /99/2000

        Students Funds standing Committee, 98-99 and 99/2000

        First Saudi Symposium on Cooperative Education, KFUPM, 99/2000

        First conference for colleges of Sciences, KFUPM, 2000

        Social committee for Colleges of sciences conference, 2000, (Chairman)

        Finance committee for Colleges of sciences conference, 2000

        Workshop on preparatory year, 2000

        Media and Finance committee for the workshop on preparatory year, 2000

        Assessment of Engineering and Technical Education in Saudi Arabia, 99/2000

        Career day development committee, 2000

        Finance and registration committee for The assessment of engineering and technical  education, 1999

        Continuing Education Committee, 97-98

        Prep Year Review Committee,    97-2000

        Short Courses Evaluation committee, 97-98

        Short Courses guidelines committee, 97-98

        The third GCC sport tournament committee, 97-98

        Reception and accommodation committee, chairman, 97-98

        The GCC sport marketing committee, chairman,  97-98

        The Media committee of the conference on Administrative Science: New horizon and roles in new development. March 16-18 1998

        Space renting committee, 1998

        Admission and Academic standing Committee, 98-99

        The University best short course award committee. 98-99


College Level


        Brochure development Committee, Chairman, 97-99

        CIM- chamber of commerce committee, (Chairman) 97-98

        Kingdom 100 anniversary committee, CIM, 97-98

        Sub-Committee Faculty Procession, (Chairman) 97-98

        College brochure updating committee, Chairman, 98-99

        Media committee to Management development conference, 1998

        College Continuing Education Committee 97-99

        The international workshop in Unity of Knowledge. Integrating the Muslim world through trade and development, Dec. 5,1999

        The social committee for the international workshop in Unity of Knowledge, Dec 1999.

        25 Anniversary for College of Industrial Management, 2000

        Media committee for the CIM anniversary, 2000 (chairman)


Major responsibilities for college continuing education committee:


Review all short courses proposals and shall make recommendations with

Regard to the contents and organization of each proposal.

Insure the proposal meet the quality standards required by the University.

Coordinate with each department with regard to its short course proposal.

Promoting College short courses to the prospective clients outside the University.


Department Level

International Marketing Chair Committee 97-98

Academic Curricula Committee, 97-98

Seminar, Lecture and symposium committee, 97-98

Career day representative, 97-98

Textbook committee, chairman, 97-98

MBA Graduate committee, 97-98 and 99-2000 (Chairman)

Multimedia Lab committee, 97-98

Computers utilization committee, 97-98

Faculty screening committee, 98-99

Marketing curriculum development committee