Senior Design Projects

Project 1:

Design of Telecommunication Optical Modules with Experimental Evaluation of their Thermal Performance


Brief Description:

The propose of this project is to introduce students to the art of electronic packaging based on the Telecordia Standard. This first phase of the project involves designing an optical box, which include fictitious optical components. Appropriate spacing between different optical components should be analyzed. The next step is designing and optimizing the heat sink under certain ambient conditions for both free and forced convection media. The project also involves the selection of thermal interface materials (thermal pads). Once the design is finished, temperature measurements should be reported and compared with the required specifications.


Project 2:

Numerical Evaluation of Thermal Performance of Telecommunication Optical Modules


Brief  Description:

The project involves using of the CFD technology (which I will teach to the student) and finite element to model and analyze the temperature distribution in Telecom Optical modules and optimize their heat sink for both free and force convection regime. Also, the project involves using the thermal solution in modelling of thermal stresses. Furthermore, a model for the material phase change should be developed. Results will comply with the Telecordia Standard.


Project 3:

Mechanical and Electrical Design of Transformers with Thermal Measurements and CFD Simulation


Brief  Description:

In power transformers, heat and thermal loses are one of the major issues facing designers and researchers. As well known, the efficiency of power transformers is inversely proportional to thermal loses. One of the obvious solutions, from the thermal point of view, is to use highly conductive material to minimize the loses in the windings. Even though windings are made of copper, which is highly conductive, heat generated in the copper windings is still high, due to the transmitted amount of power, and it directly degrades the paper insulations. Thermal loses also have direct effect in degradation of the oil used inside the transformers tanks. In addition to the degradation of paper insulation and oil, a great deal of attention must be given to the thermal stresses due to the expansion of the copper windings resulting from the generated heat, which raises the issue of reliability and maintainability of the paper insulation. The major faults of transformers causes may be categorized into:

• Failure,  Over-/Under –loading, • Line Upgrade, • Accidents (traffic)