6. Coating Principles

6.9 Glossary of Special Terms

Following is a glossary of special terms normally used in the context of paints and coatings.

Pot life

It is the length of time that a paint can be used for application.

Flash point

It is a measure of the flammability of its vapor on application o external flame.

Non volatile matter

The residue left after a product is heated at an elevated temperature for a definite period under test conditions.

Hiding power

It is the ability of a paint to hide a surface over which it has been applied.


The mode of appearance by which the reflected highlights of objects are perceived as super-imposed on the surface due to directionally selective property.


Discoloration caused by migration of compound from the underlying film.


It is the downward movement of a paint film that occurs between the time of application and setting.


The process of condensation of polymerization.


Deterioration of a paint.


The property of a paint whereby the consistency is reduced by brushing or stirring.