1. Introduction to Corrosion

1.5 Costs of Corrosion

  • The annual cost of corrosion in USA alone is estimated to be about 300 billion US$ or 4.2% of GNP as shown by 1995 update of the 1975 study by Battelle.

  • At least 35% of the above amount could have been saved by taking appropriate corrosion control measures.

  • In UK, the corrosion cost is estimated to be 4-5% of the GNP.

  • In Japan, the cost of corrosion is estimated to be 4 Trillion Yen per year.

  • For industrialized nations, the average corrosion cost of 3.5-4.5% of the GNP. The cost is down from 4.9% in 1975.

Below are some startling figures about corrosion losses:

  • The cost of corrosion in civilian and military aircrafts is about 13 billion US$.

  • The annual cost of corrosion in developed nations is a staggering 4-5% of GNP. About 30-50% per year could be saved by using corrosion control techniques.

  • The corrosion-free life of automobiles in the coastal regions of Arabian Gulf is about 6 months only.

  • Nearly 95% of concrete damage in the Arabian Gulf coastal region is caused by reinforced corrosion and spalling of concrete.

  • Major corrosion losses to the tune of 350 million in transport, 280 million in marine, 250 million in buildings and construction, and 180 million in oil and chemical industries, have been reported from UK.

  • About $120 billion is spent on maintenance of aging and deteriorating infrastructures in USA. Over 50% of USAF fleet is more than 20 years old. Some of them are designed for service until they are 70-80 years old. USAF corrosion costs are $0.25 to 1 million per plane.

  • Automotive corrosion in USA costs $94 billion.

  • Every new born baby in the world now has a corrosion debt of $35.

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