1. Introduction to Corrosion

1.4 Consequences of Corrosion

Some important consequences of corrosion are summarized below:


Plant shutdown: Shutdown of nuclear plants, process plants, power plants and refineries may cause severe problems to industry and consumers.

Loss of products: Leaking containers, storage tanks, water and oil transportation lines and fuel tanks cause significant loss of product and may generate severe accidents and hazards. It is well known that at least 25 % of water is lost by leakage.

Loss of efficiency: Insulation of heat exchanger tubings and pipelines by corrosion products reduces heat transfer and piping capacity.

Contamination: Corrosion products may contaminate chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, packaged goods, etc. with dire consequences to consumers.

Nuclear hazards: The Chernobyl disaster of 1986 is a living example of transport of radioactive corrosion products in water fatal to human, animal and biological life.