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  • My research interests: MEMS and NEMS, linear and nonlinear dynamics, vibrations, and structural mechanics. Modeling, simulation and design of MEMS and NEMS.

  • Here in the mechanical engineering department of King Fahd University of Petroleum and minerals I conduct fundamental and applied research in the areas of MEMS/NEMS dynamics and statics including both linear and nonlinear aspects.

  • My research involves applied research aiming to solve industry-related problems, such understanding basic phenomena and concepts related to the dynamics of structures at the micro and nano scale, such as investigating the nonlinear vibration response of carbon nanotubes (CNTs).

  • My research activities include designing novel MEMS/NEMS sensors, and smart bio- and chemo–mechanical sensors. It includes modeling Micro and Nano devices and structures under coupled multi-physics (mechanical, electrostatic, squeeze-film, thermoelastic) forces, developing reduced-order models and computationally efficient approaches to tackle the coupled multi-physics and nonlinear problems, and analyzing Micro- and Nano-scale phenomena.


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