Current  Projects 

  •    Suitability of Cu-Be alloys for salt-water applications.  KFUPM/SABIC Project.  Starting date September 1999. 

  •      Effect of intermetallics and ceramic particles on initiation and control of localized corrosion in an Al-SiC composite, KACST Project M.9.313. 

  •      Effect of scandium addition on the mechanical behaviour and corrosion resistance of Al-Mg alloys (KACST Project).

  •   Development of corrosion sensors for industries (in cooperation with Ohio State University).

  •      Development of Scandium containing alumina alloys for seawater application of Al-Sic composites.

  •      Corrosion mechanics and application potentials of Al-Sic composites.

  •      Corrosion on CD-ROM : presentation of fundamental corrossion engineering course (Approved by KFUPM ) -