Undergraduate Courses Taught at KFUPM
Materials science
Heat treatment
Physical metallurgy
Surface metallurgy
Extractive metallurgy
Basic corrosion engineering
Industrial corrosion engineering.
Graduate Courses Taught at KFUPM
Advanced materials science
Advanced corrosion engineering
Electron microscopy
Electrode kinetics
Non-metallic materials
Advanced physical metallurgy
Cathodic protection
Special topics in corrosion
Establishment of Labs and Centers of Excellence
High Temperature and High Pressure Studies Lab. and a Centre for Corrosion Studies at Sharif University (Ex-AMUT, Tehran, Iran, 1973-1978. 
A Corrosion Studies Lab and Flow Induced Corrosion Section at G.K.S.S., Germany, 1979.
A Corrosion Laboratory (Centre of Excellence) in KFUPM (1984-1992).
Specimen Preparation Lab. for TEM and Electron Microscope Laboratory in KFUPM.