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Since joining academia in 1996, he taught eleven undergraduate courses and four graduate courses. The undergraduate courses covered all the levels from freshmen to senior years. These courses deal with applied mechanics, design, materials and manufacturing. In addition, he has proposed and/or developed three new undergraduate courses and four graduate courses


Undergraduate / Graduate Courses Taught


At KFUPM, Saudi Arabia.

ME206: Manufacturing Processes I

ME543: Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

ME215: Materials Science for ME

ME555: Plasticity

ME307: Machine Design I

ME580: Principles of metal forming

ME308: Machine Design II

ME586: FEA in Metal Forming

ME487: Mechanics of Materials

ME489: FEA in Mechanical Design

ME590: FEA for Large Deformation Problems


At other educational institutions

Engineering Design


Manufacturing Technology

Engineering Drawing / CAD

Automobile Engineering

Machine design


Course Development at KFUPM


  1. ME 489: FEA in Mechanical Design, (developed and first time offered)
  2. ME 543: Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis, (proposed, developed and first time offered)
  3. ME 555: Plasticity, (developed and first time offered)
  4. ME 580: Principles of Metal Forming, (developed and first time offered)
  5. ME 586: FEA in Metal Forming, (proposed, developed and first time offered)
  6. ME 590: FEA for Large Deformation Problems, (proposed, developed and first time offered)


Short Courses


  1. Introduction to Process Control (PCI-104) for Aramco Engineers (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
  2. Applications of Codes and Standards in Design, Operation, and Maintenance (2006)
  3. Mechanical Design, Analysis & Assessment of Storage Tanks and Piping Systems, (2004)
  4. Applications of Finite Element Analysis in Mechanical Engineering (2003)
  5. Techniques and Practical Applications of Stress Analysis (2001, 2002, 2003)
  6. Product Development Solutions for Design-Through-Manufacturing (1998)
  7. Workshop on Urban Air Quality (1996)


Senior Design Projects (Selected Titles)


  1. Design and optimization of photovoltaic panel frame (2012).
  2. Heat exchanger design for photovoltaic panel cooling (2011)
  3. Design on impact test equipment for composite pipes (2011).
  4. Design of an experimental setup for thermal evaluation of heat sinks (2010).
  5. Optimal design of fins used in electronic packing (2009)
  6. Effect of geometry on gas nitriding of parts (2007)
  7. Optimal design of pipe repair sleeve (2007)
  8. Design analysis of a pipe repair sleeve (2006)
  9. Design aspect of wire drawing process and dies (2004)
  10. Design of hot aluminum extrusion dies (2004)
  11. Design of a heavy duty trolley (2003)
  12. Petrochemical storage tank design using fea (2003)
  13. Design on a vertical mixer (2002)
  14. Design of a flat bed storage tank (2002).
  15. Improvement in shear blade design used in aluminum extrusion industry (2002)
  16. Laser applications for the surface treatment of mechanical components (2001)
  17. Effects of tool geometry on metal extrusion pressure and defects (2001)
  18. Development of a cad tool for a mechanical joint design (2000)
  19. Development of a cad tool for brake and clutch design (2000).
  20. Cad tool for the design of gear devices with spur and helical gears (1999)
  21. Modeling and simulation of diesel engine combustion. (1997)
  22. Design and simulation of truck chassis frame using fem. ( 1997))
  23. Frame joint analysis under different loading conditions using fem. (1998)
  24. Optimization of automobile brake drum using fem.(1998)




The Mechanical Engineering Department has become a multi-disciplinary department. Its research areas encompass a variety of different topics. Dr. Abu Fazal Arif has been working with multiple funding agencies to deliver multitude of research publications.