Mailing Address:  The Department of Mathematical Sciences

                                                 King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

                                                 Box 1339, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 31261


                                       Phone: 966(3) 860 3174 (W) / 860 5230 (H)

                                                 Fax: 966 (3) 860 2340 (W)



Sex:  Male

Marital Status:  Married, Three Children

Citizenship:  Uzbek


MAJOR FIELD OF SPECIALIZATION:   Probability and Statistics

 AREAS OF RESEARCH INTEREST:    Branching Stochastic Processes

                                                                           Statistics of Branching Processes

                                                                           Markov Branching Diffusion

                                                                           Random Sums   

Sampling Theory.