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Research Publications

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     Prime Near- rings”, Acta Mathematica Univ. Comenianae, LXXVIII,

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  21. Samman, M. S., “Centralizers of semiprime rings”, Science Journal of King


    -Aziz University (accepted).


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  23. Samman, M. S., “Clifford seimgroups and seminear-rings of endomorrphisms”, Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (accepted).

  24. Mimouni, A. and Samman, M. S. “Characterization of some   classes of integral domains via semistar operations", Communications in Algebra (accepted).

  25. Gilbert, N. D. and Samman, M. S., “Endomorphisms of Brandt semigroups", Journal of  Algebra and its Applications (accepted).


Number of citations: 11.

  • Papers Submitted for Publications

  1. Gilbert, N. D. and Samman, M. S., “Seminear-rings of endomorphisms  of  Clifford semigroups”.

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