Technical Reports


  1. M.A. Bokhari and M. Iqbal
    'Two Computatiaonal Problems in Interpolation and Approximation'
    Technical Report No. 134
    February 1993.

  2. M. Iqbal
    'On the Spline Regularized Inversion of the Laplace transform'
    Technical Report No. 155
    November 1993

  3. M. Iqbal
    'Maximum Likelihood Method for Numerical Inversion of Mellin Transform'
    Technical Report No. 214
    January 1997

  4. M. Iqbal
    'Statistical Regularization Methods for Numerical Inversion of Ill-posed Invese Problems'
    Technical Report No. 226
    January 1998

  5. M. Iqbal
    'Constrained Regularization Method for Stable Solutions of Ill-posed Problems'
    Technical Report No. 265
    May 2001

  6. M. Iqbal
    'Tikhonov regularization method for numerical inversion of Melin transform using splines',
    Tecnical Report No. 323
    March 2005