Mohamed A. El-Gebeily


KFUPM  Box # 1777

Dhahran 31261

Saudi Arabia

(966) 03 860 3728 (W) (966) 03 860 5468 (H)


Personal Information

Marital status: Married

Nationality: Egyptian

Date of Birth 20/5/1952



BS. Electrical Engineering, 1975, Alexandria University

MS. Mathematics, 1980, Oklahoma State University

PhD. Mathematics, 1984, Oklahoma State University


Research Interests

Numerical Functional Analysis, Singular Differential Equations, Wavelets and Their Applications


Research Projects

KFUPM project number MS/NUMERICAL/190 “Some Numerical Methods for a General Class of Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems”, 1998-2000

KFUPM project number MS/SPHERICITY/225     

“On The Effect of Sphericity on Forced Convection”, 2001-2003



Selected Recent Publications

1.     M. A. El-Gebeily, K. M. Furati, “ On the Completeness of Eigenvectors of a Certain Class of Self-Adjoint Finite Difference Operators,” IMA J. Applied Mathematics, 65 No 1, 2000, 29-44.

2.     M. A. El-Gebeily, "A Variational Formulation for Regular and Singular Self-Adjoint Operators", Annals of Differential Equations, 18, No 1, 2002, 40-50.

3.     M. A. El-Gebeily, W. M. Elleithy,H. J. Al-Gahtani, Convergence of the Iterative Decomposition Finite Element-Boundary Element Coupling Methods”,  Comp. Meth. Appl. Mech. Eng. 191,2002, 4851-4867. (PDF)

4.     M. A. El-Gebeily, "Regular Approximation Singular Self-Adjoint Differential Operators," Accepted, IMA, Appl. Math.

5.     K. M. Furati, M. A. El-Gebeily, "Regular Approximation of Singular Second Order Differential Expressions", Accepted, JMAA.