List of Courses Taught

  1. Prep Math & Undergraduate Courses

 i.                 Preparatory Mathematic I

ii.                 Preparatory Mathematic I

iii.               Calculus I

iv.               Calculus II

v.                  Calculus III

vi.               Elements of Differential Equations

vii.             Introduction to Differential Equations & Linear Algebra

viii.          Introduction to Linear Algebra

ix.               Engineering Mathematics

x.                  Advanced Calculus I

xi.               Advanced Calculus II

xii.             Advanced Calculus III

xiii.          Introduction to Topology

xiv.           Introduction to Complex Variable

xv.             Numerical Analysis II

xvi.           Linear & Nonlinear Programming

xvii.        Seminars in Mathematics



  1. Graduate Courses


i.                    Real Analysis

ii.                 Functional Analysis I

iii.               Linear Algebra

iv.               Introduction to Approximation Theory