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During my PhD1989-1993



Dept of Math and Computer Science 




 while teaching in Hail community college summer




ONA'99 International Conference on Optimization and Numerical Sep. 26 - 30, 1999, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China. Paper presented: Toeplitz Matrix




British council summer

2001with my advisor Roger Fletcher and colleague Sven Leyffer


International Conference on Advances in Convex Analysis and Global Optimization in the university of Aegean,  Samos, Greece in June 5-9, 2000. Paper presented: On Nonlinear Optimization Problem with Semidefinite Toeplitz

Constraints.Samos  island


First International Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematical in Indian Subcontinent and Vith Annual Conference of ISIAM, Amritsar, India, January 22-25, 2001. The border between Pakistan and

India near Amritsar




The Sixth International Conference on Approximation and Optimization in the Caribbean in Guatemala at March 25 - 30, 2001. Paper presented: Hybrid Methods for Approximating Hankel


Guatemala antique volcano above the cloud



18.  2nd WSEAS Multiconference on Applied and Theoretical Mathematics, in Cairns, Australia,  17-21 Dec.






British council summer



 Large Scale Nonlinear and Semidefinite Programming Workshop, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada, 13- 15,

May 2004.



Canada,  July 28-30, 2004.August 2004




March 2005 Math&Stat party inAlEttifaq



27.   The Eighth SIAM Conference on Optimization.  Stockholm, Sweden. 15-19 May 2005. Paper presented: Rationalizing Foot and Ankle Measurements to Conform to a Rigid Body Model.






November 2005 Family trophy for university



   Amman Jordan December 2005


  The Annual Conference of ANZIAM 2006. AMSI,  Mansfield in Victoria  Australia. 5-9, February 2006. Paper presented: Projection Method onto Cones with Convex






 The CAIMS -MITACS 2006 Joint Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada,  June 15-20, 2006. Poster presented: Semidefinite Programming for the  Educational Testing Problem.  Waterloo June




Dr. Alshamary Phd



Oman Nov. Arabic translation of scientific books conference



Nov 2006 Al-JwaThe rock where Able and Ante use to




30.  Joint Mathematics Meetings, AMS in New Orleans, USA January 5-8,


in Waterloo Canada same



IMA Optimization and Control, Minneapolis, USA, January 16-20,



Feb 2007 in Soman


Riyadh Science conference10-13

Mar 2007  



Dubai (calculus stewart meeting) Mar



April 2007 in AlHassa with

Prof Potra



Prof. Al-Daffa Students May 2007





 Combinatorics and Optimization 40th Anniversary Conference, Waterloo, Canada, June 18-23,

2007.   with Profs A. Y. Alfakih and K. G. Murty,

With Prof. Lee





SPSS workshop



  The 7th International Conference on Optimization:Techniques and Applications (ICOTA7) Kobe, Japan, 12-15, December 2007. Paper presented: Matrix Nearness Problems. Paper presented: On Vector Optimization Problems and Minty-type Vector Variational-like



 Joint Mathematics Meetings, AMS in San Diego, USA, January 6-9,





 Conference on Numerical Analysis  and Optimization, Muscat, Oman, April 6-8, 2008. Paper presented: Matrix Nearness Problems. Session




The Ninth SIAM Conference on Optimization. Boston, USA. May 1013, 2008. Paper presented: Minimal Condition Number for Positive Definite Hankel Matrices using Semidefinite




Symposium on Global analysis and Probability, Algassim University, May 27-28, 2008. Invited talk: Interior Point Method.


  1. ICRMS, Bahrain 2008





AMS 2009



 Tunisia March


The Sixth International Conference on Nonlinear Analysis and Convex Analysis, March 27-31, 2009 at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo,



Inter. Conference on Optimization and its Applications, Varanasi, India, February 16-18, 2010

  invited  by Porf.  S.K. Mishra,


The Third International Joint Conference on Computational Sciences and Optimization (CSO 2010)  

Huangshan (Yellow) Mountain, Anhui Province, China. May 28-31, 2010

Expo Shanghai: May 28-31, 2010

(Yellow) Mountain: May 28-31, 2010

 College of Sciences end of year Gathering June 2010







My Father











Oyoon Aljewa

(عيون الجواء)