Supervision of Research


M.S. and M. Phil Thesis Supervision   


1.   Masud Ahmad: Diffraction of Elastic Waves in Layered Media, (QAU Islamabad), 1985.


2.   Asif Ali: Variational Principle for Certain Composite Plates, (QAU Islamabad), 1985.


3.   Sajida Asghar: Field Due to Truncated Parallel Boundaries in Earth Crust, (QAU Islamabad), 1986.


4.   Abdul Rashid: Transient Waves in a Half Space, (QAU Islamabad), 1986.


5.   Ghulam Ghous: Torsional Vibrations of a Random Elastic Cylinder, (QAU Islamabad), 1987.


6.   M. Sharif: Filtration of Elastic Waves Through a Random Layer, (QAU Islamabad), 1987.


7.   Zeid Al-Muhiameed: Some Acoustic Wave Problems in an Inhomogeneous Ocean, (KFUPM), 1998.


8.   Ramzy Al-Zayer: Stochastic Model for Love Wave Propagation in an Inhomogeneous Layer, (KFUPM), 1999.


9.   Farah Naz: Torsional waves in Coaxial Cylinder with Mixed Boundary Conditions, (NCB&E Lahore), 2003.


10. Abdullah Ramadhan: Determination of Near Surface Velocity Profile, (KFUPM), 2004.


11. Raasha Al-Issa: Analytic Study of Heat Equation with Time Dependent Boundary Conditions, (Girls College of Science Dammam), 2004.


12. Al-Humaidi, Saleh: Inverse Scattering Transform for Variable Coefficient KdV Equation, (KFUPM) 2004.


13. Aijaz Ahmad: (Co-Supervisor) Symmetry Solutions of Some Non-linear PDE’S (KFUPM), 2005.


 14. Nuzhat Rafique, Determination of initial profile In Heat Conduction Problems In Spherical Domains, (NCB&E Lahore) January 2006

Member M. S.  Thesis Committee


1.Hussain Al Attas : On the Blow-up by Comparison, (KFUPM), 1994.


2.Abdulaziz Ahmad Al-Humaidi: The Inverse Problem of the Calculus Of Variation,  (KFUPM), 1999.


3.Bader Al-Humaidi: Spline-Wavelets in Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations, (KFUPM), 2001.


4.Mohammed H. Al-Lail: Wavelet Analysis and Using Wavelet Bases for Solving Differential Operator, (KFUPM), 2001.


   5. Rania Al-Harbi: Oscillation of solutions of Some Delay Equations, King Abdulaziz University, 2003.


5.Jamal Hussain Ahmed Al-Smail: Expansion in Eigenfunctions of Selfadoint Operators with Applications to Differential Operators,(KFUPM), 2005.


6.Al-Juhani Ahmad Ali: Breakdown of solutions of a system of heat propagation with second sound, (KFUPM), 2005.


7.M. Rafiqul Islam: Approximation by Wavelets, (KFUPM), 2005.


8.M. H. Al-Lail: Wavelets and Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations, (KFUPM), 2005.


9.Tagrid Ghazi Sogati, The Generalized Quasilinearization Method for Second Order Three-Point Mixed Boundary Value Problems, (KAU), 2005.


10    Suad Omar Al-Hadhrani, New Methods for Solving Nonlinear Differential Equations,

       (KAU), 2005.

Ph. D. Dissertation Supervision


1.   Supervision of a considerable part of the dissertation:

Masud Ahmad: Propagation of Love-type Waves in an Inhomogeneous Media, (QAU Islamabad), 1992.


2.   Reem Al-Khairy: Cooling of Composite Plates with Mixed Interface. (Girls College of Science, Dammam) 1997.


3.   Ahmad Al-Marzoug: Acoustic Wave-Field in an Inhomogeneous Ocean, (KFUPM), 2000.


4.   Khalid Masood: Some Exact and Approximate Inverse Boundary and Scattering Problems, (KFUPM), 2002.


5.   Zeid Al-Muhiameed: On Some Seismic Inverse Problems, (KFUPM), 2005.



Member Ph. D. Dissertation Committees  


1.   Eman Al Shams: Numerical Methods for Complementarity Problems, (Girls College of Education, Riyadh), 1991.


2.   Issam Abu Zaid: A finite Difference Approximation for a Class of Singular Boundary Value Problems, (KFUPM), 1992.


3.   Ahmad Shittu: Study of Periodic Wave-guides, (E. E. KFUPM), 1994.


4.   Esmail Mokheimer: Heat Transfer in Eccentric Annuli. (M. E. KFUPM), 1995.


5.   S. Z. Shuja: Simulation of Three-dimensional Laser Gas-assisted Heating of Solid Substance: The Fourier Heat Conduction Approach, (M. E. KFUPM), 1998.


6.   Amira Al-Dhawi: Some Problems in Thermoelastic Bodies with Relaxation Times, (Dammam College of Girls), 2000.


7.   Sara Abdallah Al-Sadhan: Inverse Problems of Fourth Order Operator, (Dammam College of Girls), 2000.


8.   Aliyu Shazali: Computational Chemo-Damage Transport Modelling of Durability in Concrete, (C. E. KFUPM), 2004.