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Math 321: Introduction to Numerical Computing


Instructor: Dr. Faisal Fairag

Syllabus.  (pdf)  (html)
Matlab Primer, Introduction to Matlab.
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Homework #1, Due Saturday, September 25, 1999.
Homework #2, Due Saturday, October 2, 1999.
Homework #3, Due Monday, October 18, 1999.
Homework #4, Due Wednesday, October 27, 1999.
Homework #5, Due Monday, November 8, 1999.
Homework #6, Due Saturday, November 27, 1999.
Homework #7
Homework #8
Homework #9
Homework #10

Solution to Homework #5 . solution_of_hw5.doc   and   solution_hw5.nb

Matlab code for bisection method.
Matlab code for Newton's method.
Matlab code for Secant method.
Matlab code for Newton Interpolating Polynomial .coeff.m  evall.m
Matlab code for Differentiation Using Extrapolation  derive.m
Matlab code for bisection method.
Matlab code for simpson method.
Matlab code for Adaptive simpson's method.
Matlab code for Gaussian with pivoting  gauss_pivot.m

Slides for solving IVP ( single+sys )  ode_sys.doc 
Slides for solving BVP ( linear shooting )   shoot.doc
Slides for solving BVP ( non-linear shooting ) nonshoot.doc